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Author Comments:

Nekomata-chan, Jan 06 2017 11:25 pm     Reply

This page took forever. xD Poor Bern.

Also- Patreon Integration has been added! As well as some much-needed layout changes! The changes include:

- Added Patreon Integration for early page viewing ($5 Tier and up)
- Added Patreon Content Page ($1, $5, and $10+ tiers)
- Updated Main Banner to larger size
- Updated Background image to fit new page resolutions
- New Divider/Support under the comic pages. Changes to just an image of the twins if you're logged into Patreon.
- (Working) New 'News' Post Image

Advertisement, May 25 2019 08:51 am     Reply

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User Comments:

NeonUmbreon, Jan 13 2017 12:20 am     Reply

the sad part is that if/when he comes back... she will be gone...

X man, Jan 13 2017 03:30 am     Reply

I don't cry, but this makes me want to.

Mujaffa, Jan 13 2017 07:37 am     Reply

Oh.. noooooo the feels :c

Dragon Master (Guest), Jan 13 2017 07:42 am     Reply

Oh no, not the feels.

wifijoe, Jan 13 2017 08:06 am     Reply

Please tell me she survives! No... poor Bern

42Meep, Jan 13 2017 05:36 pm     Reply

Adorable Patreon image is adorable.
End flashback (?)

Koal, Jan 13 2017 06:47 pm     Reply

Oh god dammnit, you made me remember the sad scene from the first land before time movie, CURSE YOU!

Nashew, Jan 13 2017 08:49 pm     Reply

poor baby

somerandomguynumber1, Jan 14 2017 12:30 am     Reply

Poor him...

Guest (Guest), Jan 17 2017 02:15 pm     Reply

Now im feeeling sad :(

Avii33 (Guest), Jan 18 2017 05:13 pm     Reply

with bern saying "mommy" in this moment i think he's a kid also he sounds like a kid in my head also THE FEELSSSSSSSS also i have a frcking feeling that moltres is gonna come and save her (i dunno)

I can't think of a name (Guest), Jan 19 2017 12:39 am     Reply

Love the detail. What is the spike coming out of momma charazard from?

Nekomata-chan, Jan 20 2017 12:09 pm     Reply

@NeonUmbreon: RIP Pyrra!

@X man: I'm not sorry!

@Mujaffa: I'M NOT DONE YET. >D

@wifijoe: Unfortunately...

@42Meep: Adorable Patreon images are indeed adorable. TWINS. And no- one more page of flashback for now- more later!

@Koal: Oh dear... I'm so sorry. D'8 Though, I think it's a good thing if I suceeded in that?

@Nashew: Poor Bern indeed.

@somerandomguynumber1: Yup...

@Guest: That was the point!

@Avii33:No Deux ex Machina in this chapter. RIP Pyrra!

@I can't think of a name: When the ceiling collapsed, that fell with it. I made a slight error- that end of the spike isn't supposed to be pointy (the end that stabbed her is)- but there's a reason there's no blood on the top part..

I can't think of a name (Guest), Jan 25 2017 01:52 am     Reply

Thanks. The reason makes sense. Should I think of a name or keep this?

Nekomata-chan, Jan 26 2017 12:33 pm     Reply

@I can't think of a name: Use whatever reason you like most!

Guest, Mar 18 2017 09:32 am     Reply

Does Bearn's mom die!????

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