Dec 16 2016 12:01 am

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There's a hidden thing in this page. It's very well hidden and will be incredibly difficult to spot!

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Author Comments:

Nekomata-chan, Dec 14 2016 05:55 pm     Reply

I hid something in this page. It's something very very important but almost impossible to see. Happy hunting.

Due to the amazing art on the next page, I'll be posting it early. It will go up on TUESDAY. Double the pages next week!

Advertisement, Nov 13 2019 04:57 am     Reply

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User Comments:

WildfireK, Dec 16 2016 08:13 am     Reply


I think I see it, but it's porbably the wrong thing

WriterRaven, Dec 16 2016 08:25 am     Reply

Is it Bern?

Masonjk12, Dec 16 2016 09:35 am     Reply

Is it the necklace?

SoraIndigo, Dec 16 2016 02:00 pm     Reply

pokemon moon necklace

Nekomata-chan, Dec 16 2016 02:02 pm     Reply


All wrong! The necklace has been appearing for ages now- the symbol existed pre-Sun/Moon, so definitely nothing to do with Pokemon Moon.

MaxTheGlaceon (Guest), Dec 16 2016 02:29 pm     Reply

i see in the first panel the black lines look like a tail kinda like a nine tailed fox,but i think im wrong.

Umbreon/MegaAbsol, Dec 16 2016 03:50 pm     Reply

The Charmander is Bernie Sanders, he dies and is reincarnated as Bernie and loses to Hillary Clinton, the Houndour.

WildfireK, Dec 16 2016 06:40 pm     Reply


Darn, I thought the black splotch on Bern's back was special...

Zirilon, Dec 16 2016 06:43 pm     Reply

Hidden thing
Is it a map to the location of the lost sword Excalibur?

Maka152, Dec 16 2016 07:58 pm     Reply

...Wait, she's missing her second necklace, the red gem one. Unless its just not visible?

wifijoe, Dec 16 2016 09:07 pm     Reply

The potted plant? :)

Nashew, Dec 16 2016 11:15 pm     Reply

@WildfireK: The mark on Bern's back is from the bite in the previous page.

WildfireK, Dec 16 2016 11:27 pm     Reply


Yeah so it could be something leaves a scar or pollutes Bern's body or somthin

Koren, Dec 17 2016 03:02 am     Reply

Is it perhaps that the shock waves from Dark Pulse resembles Giratina?

SoraIndigo, Dec 17 2016 02:23 pm     Reply

dark pulse+ ceiling = stone edge

espeon8812, Dec 17 2016 08:22 pm     Reply

Too tired and too lazy to find it. XD

Oh nuuuuuuu
Is Bern under his mother? What happens if his mom collapses on top of him? He's gonna diiiiieeeeeeeee! D:

guest (Guest), Dec 18 2016 01:56 am     Reply

the dark pulse reminds me of giratina, but i'm pretty sure the secret is the plant

NeonUmbreon, Dec 18 2016 08:19 pm     Reply

i know what the secret is! its...

a secret!!!

Wolfie (Guest), Dec 20 2016 01:03 pm     Reply

Is Naya supposed to be a speacil pikemon??
- Sorry I'm a terrible speller! -

Maka152, Dec 23 2016 11:58 am     Reply

Oh! There's also that fact that Houndoom's can only learn Dark pulse through a Tm, but I don't know if that has anything to do with it.

Nekomata-chan, Jan 20 2017 12:05 pm     Reply

@MaxTheGlaceon: Not that!

@Umbreon/MegaAbsol: Pffft

@WildfireK: Nah, that's just the bite wound. (Even though Zila doesn't know bite.... whoopsie.)

@Zirilon: Nope!

@Maka152: It's there- you see the line/string for it, just not the red gem itself.

@wifijoe: I'm sure that plant is really important somehow, but that's not the hidden secret.

@Koren: nope

@SoraIndigo: That happened. Not the secret though.

@espeon8812: Yup, she's shielding him. He'll be fiiiine. This is a flashback.

@Wolfie: Naya is special cause she's a sillyfloof.

@Maka152: Hmm... There's more hints to this in other pages in this chapter. =P

Guest, Feb 18 2018 02:29 pm     Reply

No matter how hard i try i can't spot anything!

Guest, Feb 18 2018 02:34 pm     Reply

Is she missing her markings in the second small panel?

Nekomata-chan, Feb 18 2018 03:04 pm     Reply

@Guest: That's artist error.

LKWayvern, Feb 18 2018 08:00 pm     Reply

...I'm tempted to say it has to do with Zila's necklace but that's been present on previous pages.
Either that or it's hidden in the red clouds in the Dark Pulse.
I really freaking like how that Dark Pulse looks, by the way. But I have no idea what the hidden thing is.
...I think a good part of this is I have no idea what I'm looking for, if it's a symbol, or little words in the clouds announcing Echo's species, or what.

...Is Zila's necklace related to Naya's somehow? It's... similar color... not the same shape but it sort of points downwards like Naya's does...
Has Echo had multiple 'hosts'? Does Echo have siblings? Hm.

Alex (Guest), Feb 23 2018 10:04 pm     Reply

Is it the fact that Houndoom can't use Dark pulse without TM's? Unless TM's exist in this world, which then this comment is irreverent.

timelordforlife, Apr 10 2018 01:54 am     Reply

there is text hidden i the worud dark pulse it darken the image at it will be revled

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