Jul 26 2016 12:01 am

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Author Comments:

Nekomata-chan, Jul 25 2016 09:53 pm     Reply

Whoops. That escalated quickly.

I might have to take tomorrow off. The pain levels in my shoulder are reaching levels that they rarely get to and if I don't allow it to rest, it'll get MUCH worse.

So if I miss a day or two of suicide week, it's because the pain levels are getting too high again. Whatever days of suicide week that are missed will be made up next week when I can. I'm expecting I may need to skip Saturday as well- so might add a Tuesday/Thursday update for next week in place of Wed/Saturday's pages.

On that note, the Patreon bonus pages will now be 3rd Tuesday of the month. That just works better with the schedule so I can focus on other patreon rewards earlier in the month.

Advertisement, May 25 2019 08:47 am     Reply

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User Comments:

ShadowStalker1128, Jul 26 2016 05:02 am     Reply

And on that happy note, it becomes an all out war 0-0

XNerd2, Jul 26 2016 05:08 am     Reply

Suicide Week Intervention
So much for suicide week... but honestly that's probably a good thing in the long run. I've seen way too many webcomics kill themselves when their artist gets the idea to go overboard on producing them and wind up fucking up their wrist/shoulder/whatever and now can barely make one or two pages a month because of it. Seriously, we can wait a few days to make sure that suicide week stays purely metaphorical.

WriterRaven, Jul 26 2016 06:43 am     Reply

Best of luck to you during suicide week!

And that Houndoom is either a really good liar or there are two sides to this story!

Koren, Jul 26 2016 08:29 am     Reply

I'd actually like to know how Erin was going to finish that sentence.

Nashew, Jul 26 2016 08:43 am     Reply

Man. I'm surprised Ace isn't more emotionally scarred after this.

42Meep (Guest), Jul 26 2016 11:50 pm     Reply

Who used dat hyper beam!?!

WetPaint, Jul 29 2016 02:22 am     Reply

Your art style has improved nicely, might I just say :)

MatrixMercenary, Jul 30 2016 01:28 pm     Reply

I don't think Erin was involved, but the reaction to the hyper beam will show all next update.

Nashew, Aug 01 2016 03:50 pm     Reply

Since when did this comic get Donator status?

Nekomata-chan, Aug 03 2016 12:47 am     Reply

@ShadowStalker1128: OR DOES IT?!

@XNerd2: No worries, intervention has happened and I've spent the last week resting and trying to get back to my usual more tolerable levels of pain. So far, it's working. =D Thanks for the concern!

@WriterRaven: Hmm... there is indeed another side to the story. =D

@Koren: You won't ever find out. =D

@Nashew: He's a tough one. Though, his confidence took a pretty big hit by this whole thing.

@42Meep: Great thing about Hyper Beam- a lot of Pokemon can learn it. >D So it's hard to know who used it.

@WetPaint: Thank you! I'd hope after 4 years of working on this I'd have made at least some improvement. xD It's come a long way.

@MatrixMercenary: Hmm... you seem so certain the next page will show all. =D What if I were to... I don't know... SCENE CHANGE. BWAHAHAHAHAHA.

@Nashew: Since early June- to celebrate the successful launch of the Patreon!

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