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Nekomata-chan, Jun 03 2016 12:49 am     Reply

History Time!

Someone asked during the streaming of this page how plants/trees manage to survive in a town with fire type Pokemon.

The answer is simple- this is years ago and the twins haven't been born yet.

Also- what's this? The page size is larger? YUP.

Ever since I started reading MTMTE I've noticed how much happens in the comic in such a short amount of time. And then I looked at PRS and how slowly things have progressed.

I came to ask myself 'how can I make things move faster' - and I found that the answer wasn't 'make more pages faster'- it was to use the space on each page better! But that brought another issue: How can I make the most out of each page?

I've been looking at other comics to see how much goes into each page- especially when it comes to paneling. PRS has had many many pages with few panels. In the past, I thought it was because my pages were too small for more panels- but in reality, ratio wise- it's the same as comics like MTMTE. So what was causing the problems?

Then it hit me: The text bubbles. I always leave a lot of space for them because I always want to ensure that the text is legible. Late last chapter after Bern is saved and Talon/Mist show up, you notice that there's a lot more going on in those pages- that's what I'd like to do more. Yet- it suffered because the text had to have been made small to make it happen.

So what's the solution? I will no longer be scaling down pages to 600x900- now they'll be 800x1200. This will allow me more freedom to put more on each page without worrying about the text bubbles being hard to read when scaled down.

I've changed all pages from 05-16 onward to the new size. Unfortunately, all pages made prior to that are stuck at 600x900 until I can remake them.

Wait- did you hear that right? Yes. Yes you did.

Starting in the near-ish future I'll be remaking the older PRS pages. Why? Well, even if PRS IS a for-fun project, I want it to look nice. So when I can, I'll start remaking 1-2 pages a month to avoid interfering with the regular updates.

Updates to the site layout will be made to accomodate the new page size.

Also, thanks to the PATREON page (and all the awesome people there), I've decided to go ahead and upgrade PRS to Donator status here on SJ so that I don't have to link the new pages from DeviantArt (which has resulted in broken pages in the past!)


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42Meep (Guest), Jun 07 2016 12:34 am     Reply

Flashback time. All your back story r belong to us! Also, I just realised, I'm first. Which is cool and all but I feel something bars gona happen when the Johnson try to use the flame.

WiispNightmare, Jun 07 2016 07:07 am     Reply


SkunkWitch, Jun 07 2016 08:23 am     Reply

I still say PRS is a serious project and not really a for-fun one. If it was for fun you wouldn't be putting so much effort into it :P

42Meep (Guest), Jun 07 2016 02:54 pm     Reply

@42Meep: I hate autocorrect. It changed bad to bars and houndoom to Johnson. That is so random.

Nashew, Jun 07 2016 04:23 pm     Reply

Idunno, I feel like the Houndoom has a point.

Also, I like the larger page sizes. Definitely feels less cramped.

Nekomata-chan, Jun 16 2016 01:19 pm     Reply

@42Meep: I love how autocorrect made your post make no sense. xD How'd it get Johnson out of Houndoom? Pfft.

@WiispNightmare: Oh dear. DON'T DIE ON ME YET!

@SkunkWitch: Naaah. Is for fun. xD If it were serious, I wouldn't be scripting scenes as I go.

@Nashew: He probably does. xD

WiispNightmare, Jun 18 2016 07:26 am     Reply

@Nekomata-chan: *revives* Good thing I'm a 'mon.

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