Apr 14 2016 01:24 am

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Author Comments:

Nekomata-chan, Apr 14 2016 01:24 am     Reply

Oh Naya... We all knew this would happen, yes? xD

Anyway- early page cause I won't have reliable internet this weekend and can't schedule pages on some of the places I post- so all sites get it early. Enjoy! We go back to Friday scheduling next weekend!

Advertisement, May 19 2019 02:15 am     Reply

Nekomata-chan, Apr 14 2016 01:37 am     Reply

Forgot to mention, PRS will be going on hiatus again at the end of Chapter Five. This will be a scheduled hiatus and will have a set end date. Chapter Five will be ending with suicide week on May 15th.

Updates are scheduled to resume on June 17th. This will give me time to script and get started on Chapter Six.

As usual, any bonus pages earned during the hiatus will shorten the hiatus. Speaking of which- there's already two bonus updates owed, so... the end date is actually June 10th. Shorten it another week and I might end up updating on my birthday. xD

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User Comments:

madman404 (Guest), Apr 14 2016 06:13 am     Reply

Naya's actually doing something! About time!

WiispNightmare, Apr 14 2016 06:27 am     Reply

Yay! Birthday updates! :D

Raiku36, Apr 14 2016 06:34 am     Reply

Hah! Take that i-dont'remember-what-that-pokemon-is!

Lol i thought Naya would shot Hyper Beam XD

WriterRaven, Apr 14 2016 07:42 am     Reply

Well that was unexpected. I would have guess flamethrower or something. XD

SkunkWitch, Apr 14 2016 11:39 am     Reply

It's weird how similar overheat and flamethrower look. Overheat should at least make something go boom

Koren, Apr 14 2016 01:51 pm     Reply

Oh snap. Naya's totally OP.

That was awesome, do it again!

Guest, Apr 14 2016 02:46 pm     Reply

Reminds me of the Stormtrooper with the flamethrower from Star Wars Episode 7. :3

Nashew, Apr 14 2016 05:31 pm     Reply

Good job Naya. You did the thing.

Nekomata-chan, Apr 22 2016 02:34 am     Reply

@madman404: Finally indeed. xD

@WiispNightmare: Yup! The comic's birthday is coming up soon~!

@Raiku36: Pffft. xD Kabutops.

@WriterRaven: Expected is boring. =D Overheat was the more fun/silly choice.

@SkunkWitch: Technically, the differences are in color. White flame is hotter than orange/yellow- so assuming I was drawing them in the same style lately (Which I haven't), flamethrower would have less white and more yellow/orange.

@Koren: She's OP indeed! OP with no clue on how to use her OP-ness. =P And no doing it again until she cools off.

@Guest: Pffft.

@Nashew: She did the thing indeed. =D

comercole, Jan 03 2019 09:41 pm     Reply

wow she is helping!!!

Shruikan, May 17 2019 05:02 am     Reply

Is this the first time we've seen the Deino's eyes? Either way he looks angry.

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