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Nekomata-chan, Mar 10 2016 04:43 pm     Reply

Sorry for the delays guys. Been really anti-social and demotivated as of late. Was hard to get arting again- but I'm getting there. Slowly. Sort of.

Anyway- there's an error on the previous page in the last panel. I colored in the wrong twin there- I'll correct it later on.

Updates will continue to be sporadic while I work through stress/anti-social/demotivation nonsense. Thanks for the patience!

Advertisement, May 25 2019 08:28 am     Reply

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User Comments:

Nashew, Mar 10 2016 04:50 pm     Reply

Hey, this wasn't posted three months later! x3

WiispNightmare, Mar 11 2016 07:53 am     Reply

Antisocial and Demotivated are my exact words to describe myself. Stressed, most definitely.
Looking forward to more updates! This is really fun.

LucarioGamePlay (Guest), Mar 11 2016 02:44 pm     Reply

They won't
They're not going to surrender, so why do you ask, you mindless elyem

The comic is great! I'm looking forward to the next page!

B/W Eevee (Guest), Mar 12 2016 04:53 pm     Reply

I'm late on this... Buuuuuuuuut... Seems everything just went to hell... WHAT NEXT?! >:D

Guest, Mar 13 2016 06:01 pm     Reply


Raiku36, Mar 15 2016 01:14 pm     Reply

Catch up
Fiuh~ finally I reach here....
I really like your comic! Your drawing are so cool :3

SkunkWitch, Mar 22 2016 03:39 pm     Reply

Just found this comic and I love the story so far <3
So many fan theories already, but I must say I like your choice of characters. Never seen a mismagius, zangoose, or even an evolved protag before :3

Nekomata-chan, Mar 24 2016 12:41 pm     Reply

@Nashew: Pfft. I hope you've been reading that one comic I mentioned- the next page/s MIGHT be three months later. >D Depends how badly my feels are crushed by said comic next week and how many people I can cry to without spoilers. xD

@WiispNightmare: Pfft, I think those words can describe a lot of people. =D And more updates to come! I hope to get a page or two done this weekend since our travel plans were canceled due to uh... Brussels/Russia.

@LucarioGamePlay: They're not- but he's offering anyway. =P

@B/W Eevee: Pfft. Everything always goes to hell eventually.

@Guest: Hehe.

@Raiku36: Thanks so much! Always nice to have new readers on board! ^_^

@SkunkWitch: Again- always a pleasure to see new readers jump in! =D I'm glad you're enjoying things so far! And yeah- I do like to use different Pokemon than most- usually my favorites. I considered starting Naya off as an Eevee- but staying true to the original PRS, I decided to keep her as a Flareon. There's more freedom for silly nonsense this way. =D


Sorry for delayed responses all! It's normal for me to respond to previous page comments when I post a new page, but with the semi-hiatus, hard to say when that'll be. I'll try to respond to posts every so often!

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