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Nekomata-chan, Jan 03 2016 05:15 pm     Reply

One last thing relating to the recent news post...

Thank you to those of you who kept in touch with me over the last few months. Those who sent me messages on skype, DA, etc. to ask how I was doing or just to chat even when I was anti-social as hell and didn't respond. It really means the world to me. You guys are true friends!

Anyway- doing something a bit different with pages from this point on. Might mess around a bit over the next few pages. We'll see how it works.

This is the last of the silly pages for a bit. Gonna get some actual fighting in now. >D Next page is a busy one, so no telling when it'll be ready.

Edit: I'll be updating the page status/update schedule info on the left sidebar soon. Same with updating affiliates and all.

Nashew, Jan 03 2016 06:10 pm     Reply

Aw yiss, time for some action!

Good to see ya back in the game, Neko! =D

Smiwee, Jan 03 2016 09:26 pm     Reply

Are those growlithes playing catch?
With a prehistoric bird?

B/W Eevee (Guest), Jan 04 2016 12:16 am     Reply

@Smiwee: Acutally, whatever they're doing, they're terrorizing the Archen to peices and they must be doing it very slowly too... After all they're the craziest mon here so far... I look forward to its demise!
I wish the coat fell off him when he teleported so he would have had to go back for it... The bait or torch would have been real.

Nekomata-chan, Jan 04 2016 07:25 pm     Reply

@Nashew: I'm only half-way back. xD Still not 100% ready for regular updates, but I'll update when I can.

@Smiwee: They're just torturing the poor Archen. xD

@B/W Eevee: The twins are little terrors. xD And nah, if Amber can teleport 3 other Pokemon, then Brane can teleport his coat.

MatrixMercenary, Jan 04 2016 08:36 pm     Reply

This is a great comic . I SHALL COMMENT ALL THE COMMENTS!!!!!!

Sabinoplane, Jan 07 2016 05:43 am     Reply

Hi, I'm a Rising Shadows reader and I want to tell you this is a wonderful comic.

I've been reading PRS for a while but I never commented, now reading the news page I think you deserve to know that we're out here.

There are lots of people reading this comic but I'm sure that nearly nobody comments.

So, now I realize that comments are the "energy" of the author I'm just saying 'hey i'm here reading you and i want to help if i can'

Just passing by i can recommend you a comic that, personally is one of my favourites in the internet, of course iit's not mine


Lady Darkrina, Jan 09 2016 02:09 pm     Reply

Heh heh that Elgyem's sure a sneaky one xD

Nekomata-chan, Jan 14 2016 05:18 pm     Reply

@MatrixMercenary: Thanks so much! =D I'm glad you like it so far! ^_^

Sabinoplane: Yeeeee! Thanks so much for your kind comment!

I am indeed the type of author that gets energy/motivation from reading all the wonderful things people say. ='D And I'll check out that other comic when I have the chance!

@Lady Darkrina: He is. xD

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