Dec 30 2015 01:08 am

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Nekomata-chan, Dec 30 2015 01:13 am     Reply

So sorry for how long of a break I took. The last semester was very rough. x_X I can't promise regular updates yet- especially since I'll be going overseas for a while and don't have any buffer whatsoever. That and my shoulder is still recovering from finals/hell week.

I'll post a news post sometime in the next week regarding updates and stuff.

Advertisement, May 25 2019 08:25 am     Reply

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User Comments:

Nashew, Dec 30 2015 06:50 am     Reply


Also, smart idea. I wouldn't want to fight these two either.

Pokemontrainergigi, Dec 30 2015 10:52 am     Reply

Go at your own pace Neko, we'll be fine waiting C: On that note, woo update! :D Really lovely fire effects =P

T-H-E GUY, Dec 30 2015 01:01 pm     Reply

*cheears for neko's return like the bandits for markas* NEKO NEKO NEKO NEKO QUQ YAAAAAAAAAY

oh god when it was two of them ... it was bad enugh now their is an unspeakable amount ... these are the end times

Smiwee, Dec 30 2015 09:48 pm     Reply

And I thought two of them was too much.

B/W Eevee (Guest), Jan 04 2016 12:12 am     Reply

These two just got all the more annoying... so... LET THE CHAOS CONTINUE! Also @Nekomata-chan Its good to see you get this outta hiatus keep up the good work and don't let us pressure you too much, ok?

Nekomata-chan, Jan 14 2016 05:14 pm     Reply

Oop- forgot to reply to these!

@Nashew: No sane Pokemon would want to fight the twins.

@Pokemontrainergigi: I'm trying not to kill myself with updates. xD We'll see!


@Smiwee: Just one of them is more than enough.

@B/W Eevee: Chaos is good. =D And no worries, I'm not on a permanent update schedule yet- still gonna be sporadic.

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