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Author Comments:

Nekomata-chan, Jun 10 2015 07:24 pm     Reply

Aaand this is the end of Chapter Four. =D Mostly silly nonsense.

Originally, this chapter was gonna be MUCH longer, but I split it into several chapters. I'm currently scripting out the next chapter before I get working on the art. I've got it outlined- so no worries there.

There will be no updates until July 3rd while I take my post-chapter break. However, I will allow members of the PXR community to shorten the hiatus by posting in the PRS section of the forum, sending in Asks for the characters, or by helping my team (The Prism League) in PXR's series of contests (WAR).

Every 50 posts in the forum will take half a week off of the hiatus.
Every 15 questions answered (not asked) will take half a week off of the hiatus
And every week of good participation/winning in War will take up to a week off of the hiatus.

Any extra posts/points that may or may not be earned before the hiatus ends will go directly to bonus updates.


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As always, thanks so much for all of your support, everyone. I know I've been a bit bad about responding to comments lately- but I'll get to them all... eventually. xD

Also, for those interested, I will be opening art commissions in the near future as I finish up my owed art in the next week or two.

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User Comments:

Koren, Jun 12 2015 12:11 am     Reply

I recognize that Kabutops! However, I'm a little disappointed that I was wrong about it being a scyther.

Teal Talonflame, Jun 12 2015 07:18 am     Reply

Yaw crud.

Luigi_96, Jun 12 2015 06:39 pm     Reply

Ohh snap I knew it.

Jennifer (Guest), Jun 12 2015 11:09 pm     Reply

Great as if they didn't have enough to worry about, now they have to contend with kabutops. If he/she is the one from the beginning then there all going to have alot of trouble on their hands.

Nekomata-chan, Jun 14 2015 04:54 pm     Reply

@Koren: Really now? This is the first time this specific Kabutops has appeared... HMMMmmmm

@TealTalonflame: Crud indeed.

@Luigi_96: Did you really?

@Jennifer: This Kabutops is not the same one from the prologue of the comic. That's either good news, or bad news.

Lady Darkrina, Jun 18 2015 06:38 pm     Reply

Uh oooh Kabutops! :c RUN FOR YA LIIIIEF! DX xD

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