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Author Comments:

Nekomata-chan, May 31 2015 10:02 pm     Reply

Poor Naya. Walking over those Legos is going to be torture. Watching Lucy fly over effortlessly will be even worse.

This is a bonus page earned from posting at PXR. I think we're out of bonus page updates for now. =P


Advertisement, Nov 13 2019 04:54 am     Reply

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User Comments:

Koren, Jun 02 2015 03:39 am     Reply

LIES! Calculus is undoubtably the most lethal class ever!

B/W Eevee (Guest), Jun 02 2015 10:05 am     Reply

@Nekomata-chan: I'm curious on those dots to the question mark... XD
@Koren: I agree with you yet I haven't taken any calculus yet...
And (as a joke) Eevee used Future Sight! It foresaw the next page! Author is furious!

Nekomata-chan, Jun 02 2015 04:06 pm     Reply

@Koren: It is. xD Especially those textbooks.

@B/W Eevee: You'll find out about the question mark soon. =P And yeah- Calculus is terribad.

As for the mistankenly posted page... yeeeaaaah. I'm not furios... but you should have seen my 'OHCRAP' face as I ran to the computer to take the page down. xD Nearly slipped on the wood floor into the couch.

Catias18, Jun 02 2015 07:22 pm     Reply

I love this comic, more please!
This is epic! I love your work! I'm extremely excited-no hyped to find out what happens next! I'm enthralled with this comic! This is more than just a comic to me, I've fallen in love with the story and most importantly all the characters that have been shown. I love how you've given legendaries genders.(please make Xerneas female, please?) I can't wait to see what you come up with. Is that Josie from Shinka the last Eevee in one of the posts? Please do more, you're work is fantastic! If I had any money I'd pay you to do more, but sadly I'm flat broke. I love your art style too, keep at it, never give up! You're one of the better authors here! Please don't stop! I'd love to see how mega evolution works out in your story line, as well as primal de-evolution. I absolutely can't wait until your break is over. I don't want to forget this comic or live without it! Your comic is one of the few things that make me happy in this world, DON'T GIVE UP! I BELIEVE IN YOU! YOU CAN DO THIS! I want to know who the Pokemon with the two different eye colors and scar above it's face is. I also really want to know who the main villain is. At first I thought it was a Luxray, but are those Tyrantrum claws? I love your work! Please don't stop! Also, I have to point out, mega Latias has yellow eyes and mega Latios has red eyes, Latias is my favorite legendary!

EmojiDragon77, Jun 02 2015 10:01 pm     Reply

Legos?!? XD, but they are extremely painful to step on...

Luigi_96, Jun 02 2015 10:25 pm     Reply

Legos... Why did it have to be legos?

Jennifer (Guest), Jun 02 2015 11:32 pm     Reply

Hhhmmm well the dots/dashes show where Naya and the others were at previously with the traps so I'm going to take a guess and say that the question mark might be where that female houndoom was earlier, or it's Talon and the others. Hahaha I love Berns face from chasing the twins XD...and he left Naya and Lucy behind...

Killerat, Jun 04 2015 11:01 am     Reply

I noticed an explosive behind the twins. This'll be good

Dr.Wafflez, Jun 12 2015 10:26 pm     Reply

Legos are definately 1 hit ko's

Nekomata-chan, Jun 14 2015 04:52 pm     Reply

@Catias18: Thank you so much for your kind comments regarding the comic. <3 It makes me really happy to know that people enjoy the story as much as they do.

To answer a few questions:

Yes, Xerneas is female in the story.

Mega Evolution exists but can only be done by a rare few individuals as a last resort type thing- and leaves the user very exhausted afterward.

Yes, Josie made a cameo in Chapter Three.

And the main antagonist has yet to make an appearance of any sort. =P


@EmojiDragon77: That they are.

@Luigi_96: Cause they're extremely painful.

@Jennifer: That question mark is the Kabutops' that you see in a few pages. =P Sorry for the late response.

@Killerat: It will.

@Dr.Wafflez: For those who can't fly at least. xD

Catias18, Jun 23 2015 11:10 pm     Reply

@Nekomata-chan: That's awesome! I knew it! I knew that was Josie! I can't wait for your next chapter! Keep going! I love your work!

VelvetRainbow, Aug 16 2015 10:54 am     Reply

The deadliest of traps
Are you kidding me? Legos and calculus are certain death!

TheGreatEmad, Jun 06 2016 01:16 am     Reply

Calculus...NNNOOOOOOO!!! XD

RealBoxTheEevee, May 19 2017 07:15 am     Reply

Urg I hate steping on legos

Legos is the best trap to feel pain ._.

Shruikan, May 17 2019 04:09 am     Reply

Ahh, so that's why the buttons were so obvious. See, they were meant to be pressed! :3

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