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Nekomata-chan, May 25 2015 02:10 am     Reply

Fun fact: The color of a Pokemon's protect is based on their aura color. =P

Anyway- sorry for my recent silence. I'll be responding to all comments when I have the chance. I'm a bit behind on everything right now.

Also- this is a bonus page earned by making 50 posts in the official PRS forums! Want bonus pages EVERY Tuesday? Then come join the chaos. We love chaos. Especially the twins, in case it wasn't obvious.




Advertisement, May 25 2019 08:38 am     Reply

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User Comments:

Luigi_96, May 26 2015 12:15 am     Reply

Ah, so there's the context of that teaser.

Poor Naya. x3

Critic, May 26 2015 12:45 am     Reply

Those twins were cute at first, but now... they're so reckless!!!

Xenokore, May 26 2015 07:32 am     Reply

@Critic: reckless is an understatement...

B/W Eevee (Guest), May 26 2015 10:27 am     Reply

@Xenokore: Would 'INSANE' fit the bill? Or do we need to go higher?

Critic, May 26 2015 11:59 am     Reply

@B/W Eevee: Higher.

Lady Darkrina, May 26 2015 02:06 pm     Reply

I say those twins are evily mischievous xD

PossumFlavored, May 26 2015 11:08 pm     Reply

i wonder if the twins will get hit. as the traps should be made for the people moving through them, not the people behind them. and a decent designer would expect ones to run through. hand wave of it being designed for grolwths being able to get throught the traps at the temple so they can kill pursuers that invaded?

Nekomata-chan, May 27 2015 12:45 am     Reply

@Luigi_96: Poor Naya indeed. <3

@Critic: @Xenocore: @B/W Eevee: Definitely understatements.

@Lady Darkrina: They are! xD

@PossumFlavored: Part of it is the fact that Bern and the twins are running through the traps. Not all of the traps are meant to hit the one that presses them- some are meant to escape pursuers- or to 'disarm' other traps.

Luigi_96, May 27 2015 01:19 am     Reply

To be honest I'm waiting for one of the twins to die or almost die from one of these traps. That'd kill the mood real quick.

Jennifer (Guest), May 27 2015 11:04 am     Reply

Well if one of the brothers doesn't get killed or hurt they might end up causing that on one of their fellow friends. Which I really hope doesn't happen.

Jennifer (Guest), May 27 2015 11:06 am     Reply

Well if one if the brothers doesn't get killed or hurt they might be the cause of one of their fellow comrades getting killed or hurt. Which I hope doesn't happen. There in the middle of this death trap and I don't think they have any supplies...unless I missed them.

Jennifer (Guest), May 27 2015 11:14 am     Reply

I wonder if Mist, Talon, and Amber are having better luck down there without having to deal with the Growlithe brothers shenanigans.

Guest, May 27 2015 02:55 pm     Reply

Oh noes!
I think this next trap is gonna be a monster house!
(Also, you're better at drawing Growlithe than I am!)

Axies, May 28 2015 04:59 pm     Reply

I'm back.

Have to say, this whole scene reminds me of that old Dragonball episode where they are in the ruins of an old pirate cave.

Nekomata-chan, Jun 02 2015 04:01 pm     Reply

@Luigi_96: Well, I don't think they'll be dying anytime soon. Their experience in destroying stuff will be needed eventually.

@Jennifer: I definitely did not forget about drawing their bag/s. >.> Whoops.

@Guest: We'll see!

@Axies: I don't remember that far back- I did watch some Dragonball way back when though.

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