May 22 2015 12:01 am

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User Comments:

nosam555, May 22 2015 12:05 am     Reply

Finally he comes to his senses.

Critic, May 22 2015 12:17 am     Reply

I stand by what I said:
Leashes for them! But now add muzzles to that list too! You know what, give them Pokeballs!

Jennifer (Guest), May 22 2015 03:03 pm     Reply

Oh dear god what have they done! Growlithe brothers why you no listen?!

Luigi_96, May 24 2015 12:40 am     Reply

I just realized that pressing these buttons will eventually cause that one door that Nyra went into to open. So they're not doing a completely terrible thing.

WetPaint, May 24 2015 02:24 am     Reply

Those mutts. They just won't learn until it's them in the traps. I'm half hoping their actions come exploding back in their face, but I'm guessing no one would like that except a certain *cough* salamander.

Nekomata-chan, May 27 2015 12:43 am     Reply

@nosam555: Yup. xD Poor Bern

@Critic: Pfft- no pokeballs in this world. Unfortunately or everyone around the twins.

@Jennifer: Cause they're the twins. They never listen. Ever.

@Luigi_96: That's assuming everyone isn't too paranoid about buttons to press the one they NEED to press. xD

@WetPaint: The twins have absurd luck. Disaster is around them- but doesn't seem to effect them much. xD

Luigi_96, May 27 2015 12:50 am     Reply

@Nekomata-chan: The twins aren't discriminating.

Nekomata-chan, May 27 2015 01:17 am     Reply

@Luigi_96: But there's a good chance everyone will stop them before then.

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