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Nekomata-chan, Apr 19 2015 04:48 am     Reply

My apologies for the lack of an author-comment last week. I forgot- I tend to forget more when I've got a buffer set and all. xD I'll be responding to comments when I have the chance!

Anyway- no, Ace did not say anything about traps. Oh-well. What's the worst that can happen?

Also, updated the schedule on the left side-bar to include the May Update schedule since there's only one more page for this month. The schedule is subject to change should a bonus update be earned.

Look carefully- see those 7 back-to-back updates? Yeah- you see them! Rising Shadow's 2nd Birthday is coming up, so we're going to have our annual week of insanity. On the 15th I will be posting the official 100th page of the comic! I never thought I'd get that far. xD

Anyway- I've been working on the buffer a bit. It's slow progress- especially since I'm not really practiced at action-y stuff (yes- we're ALMOST there). I do think the working on five pages at a time thing is working for me. It keeps me from getting tired of the same page right away.

Oh- and on the note of progress- I do have the rest of the chapter outlined out (for the most part). Chapter Four is going to be pretty lengthy compared to the other chapters- so I might split it into two. Even split it'll be pretty long- just... I don't know yet.

Lastly, due to the lack of posts in the forums, I'm gonna spam the link again. (Don't you guys want BONUS UPDATES?! D8 At this rate you guys will get MAYBE one extra page a month.)


Seriously guys- come join the forums. It'll be fun! There are other comics settled down there, an entire roleplay section, art area, random Pokemon discussion, etc. It'll be fuuuun!

I even post pages early there (bet ya didn't know that!)- as well as sneakpeaks of future pages and random PRS related doodles that may or may not be spoiler-y. =P

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User Comments:

Luigi_96, Apr 24 2015 01:06 am     Reply

Frustrated Naya is frustrated.

Axies, Apr 24 2015 12:58 pm     Reply

I really hope a giant boulder comes rolling down the tunnel soon.

Nekomata-chan, Apr 24 2015 03:37 pm     Reply

@Luigi_96: Frustrated Naya is indeed frustrated.

@Axies: Hehe. Well.... I certainly won't tell you not to get your hopes up them. xD

Morzone, Apr 25 2015 06:42 am     Reply

the bird is off the head! I repeat: the bird is off the head! Also, you make really cool looking charmanders

Jennifer (Guest), Apr 29 2015 09:31 pm     Reply

I love the growlithes brothers faces XD

Koren, May 01 2015 12:24 pm     Reply

I'm surprised nobody has said it yet, so I'll do the honors.

It's a trap!

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