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User Comments:

MoogleSam, Apr 17 2015 06:04 am     Reply


Axies, Apr 17 2015 03:37 pm     Reply

Admiral Ackbar is there big brother!

Luigi_96, Apr 17 2015 10:50 pm     Reply

Yup I'm pretty sure he did. You dingus. xD

Jennifer (Guest), Apr 18 2015 12:36 am     Reply

So I just came across this comic today and finished reading what you have so far and I tell you it is an amazing story, I also read the viewer comments and saw how you were feeling, I hope your feeling better, and if it makes you feel any better you have another fan.

MoogleSam, Apr 19 2015 06:14 am     Reply



Jennifer (Guest), Apr 19 2015 03:31 pm     Reply

@MoogleSam: Hahaha and I will

Timothy (Guest), Apr 19 2015 06:50 pm     Reply

This comic has probably the best main character ever.

Nekomata-chan, Apr 20 2015 12:56 pm     Reply

@MoogleSam: OBVIOUSLY. You know. Except for something.

@Axies: Yup, Ace is the older brother of Aden and Arden. Poor Ace.

@Luigi_96: Nope. He never said anything about traps. Remember where he felt like he was forgetting something? WHOOPS.

@Jennifer: Thanks a ton. ^_^ It does mean a lot to hear that. Hope you enjoy what is to come.

@Timothy: Naya? xD She's certainly not your typical protagonist, that's for sure. She's a silly floofball who has no idea what's going on. That makes things fun. xD

Luigi_96, Apr 20 2015 04:12 pm     Reply

@Nekomata-chan: Ohh right. Well then Ace is the dingus. xD

WetPaint, Apr 21 2015 02:06 am     Reply

I'll laugh if it's a chestnut trap, which it probably isn't. Wonder how our protagonist will react when she finally uses a move. It's fun to think about.

Nekomata-chan, Apr 21 2015 01:47 pm     Reply

@WetPaint: There's plenty of traps in the temple- I will say at least one of them is a chestnut trap for the laughs. xD

As for Naya finally using an actual attack... I've had that planned for ages. |D It'll be fun.

Jennifer (Guest), Apr 21 2015 11:04 pm     Reply

Naya used flamethrower on the chestnut trap, it's super effective! Couldn't help myself, I hope the first move she uses is a fire type move, if not it'll still look awsome being drawn by you.

Nekomata-chan, Apr 22 2015 09:17 pm     Reply

@Jennifer: Her first attack will indeed be fire type! Not on Chestnuts though. xD It'll be happening soon... well... soon-ish. At once a week updates not quite as quickly- but yeah. xD It'll definitely be within the next ~20 pages.

the kitty cat king, Nov 11 2016 10:43 pm     Reply

lets just hope none of these so called "traps" are Chuck Norris. Chuck Norris is super efective AND critical hit

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