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Nekomata-chan, Nov 13 2014 08:48 pm     Reply

And with this, chapter three is officially over! Not the most exciting chapter- but we're finally getting somewhere in the plot!

Now that it's over, the hiatus begins!

Updates will resume on December 26th thanks to the small handful of members who participated in the hiatus challenge!

The contest will begin within the next week or two! I'll post an notice regarding the contest on SJ, DA, Tumblr, and on the forums- but the contest itself will be only on the forums.

Also, I apologize about the lack of Q&A updates. The last two weeks have been exceptionally busy.

While there won't be any updates for the next month and a half-ish, there WILL be stuff going on in the forum- so please do check it out!

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Luigi_96, Nov 14 2014 12:32 am     Reply

Sorry for not helping out with the forum challenge. >.<
I just have trouble doing anything in forums. :C

So, some things I just thought of regarding Echo. Is he simply a distorted reflection of Naya? Is he actually a Flareon, or is he just appearing as such so Naya doesn't know who he really is? And on that note, could he possibly be a Legendary? With the limited information he's given us about himself, and the amount of knowledge he seems to possess, it would make sense... I suppose only time will tell...

blueumbreon, Nov 14 2014 05:32 pm     Reply


Killerat, Nov 14 2014 10:45 pm     Reply

Well, lets get this over with

3jaustin, Nov 17 2014 08:18 pm     Reply

I think I know who Echo is, but I can't tell if they are bad anymore. (seriously though, I fatal flaw in the disguise)

Nekomata-chan, Nov 18 2014 03:23 am     Reply

@Luigi_96: It's okay- but I really do encourage people to participate in the forums! Not just for my comic- but the other awesome comics there. It'll be loads of fun- plus some things will only be posted there.

Echo is just appearing as Naya's reflection to hide his disguise. Echo is not a Flareon. xD Echo's eyes don't change though- it's the best way to distinguish between Echo and Naya. And yes, time will tell.

@blueumbreon: Sorry- Snowy isn't going to update anything. |D I have the next pages already set to upload on the 26th of December. Nothing til then except maybe some contest entry features. I'll try to make the hiatus as painless as possible

@Killerat: Yup

@3jaustin: Feel free to share your thoughts. I do enjoy reading theories. (And what do you think the flaw in the disguise is?)

3jaustin, Nov 18 2014 05:05 pm     Reply

@Nekomata-chan: The colors of the eyes and shape of the puples, when compared to a certain ghost-type's eyes, match perfectly. The eye is black with a red circle surrounding the pupal, which is the same shade of black as the rest of the eye. Remind you of someone? No? Search Giratina and zoom in on it's eyes for comparison to find the match. The legendary was mentioned earlier as the cause of huge trouble, but I get the feeling they may not be the cause of the trouble this time around, an that they may even be helping stop the problem. Don't tell me I'm wrong on the identity, the only way I'll believe is if you show me.

Nekomata-chan, Nov 18 2014 11:01 pm     Reply

@3jaustin: Interesting theory- but Giratina is not the ONLY Pokemon with those eyes. =P And what if I just made the eyes look like that just because I thought they made Echo look evil? I mean, it's not like Flareon's have green eyes or Zangoose have blue eyes. |D

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