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Nekomata-chan, Oct 30 2014 12:39 am     Reply

I wonder how many people saw this coming. Naya's not quite as naive and clueless as she looks. =P She knows something is up.

Anyway, here's this week's new stuff. (I think I'll just post any news in the comments of each comic page instead of actual news posts unless it's important from now on)

- The Tumblr Q&A has gotten a nice handful on new questions! Thanks a ton for that, everyone! I find them a lot of fun to answer, and some of them actually help me build the characters more!

Also, if I'm right, the 50th question is in my inbox! When I get around to answering it, you guys will get a bonus update added to the end of the buffer! Two updates in one week sounds fun, yes?

Speaking of buffer... the buffer is still going pretty slowly. School has been keeping me busy as of late- and more tired than usual. I'll try to get pages done whenever I can, but no promises!

The hiatus challenge has made some positive changes this week thanks to Gold Flareon (a.k.a Suicune's Fire) bumping up the post count to over 60 posts. I DO respond to most posts in the forums, so the count can go up pretty quickly if people post more often!

We're currently at 65 posts at the time of me writing this. 65% to getting a week taken off the hiatus! There's still two weeks to go before I end the challenge! I will remove up to 5 weeks off of the hiatus depending on the challenge (I still need that one week break.)

Speaking of the hiatus... we've only got TWO more pages left in Chapter Three! After that I'll post up some details for the P:RS Contest! So keep an eye out for that!

Lastly, I apologize for having to have canceled the movie night last weekend. It HAS Been rescheduled for 5-10 PM tomorrow. The first movie will begin at 5 PM followed by the 2nd at 7. I'll do everything I can to make sure it happens this time!

As always, THANKS for reading!

- Neko

(Here's links to the Tumblr/Forums for those who're too lazy to look back a page)


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User Comments:

Luigi_96, Oct 31 2014 12:40 am     Reply

I certainly didn't see it coming! Smartical!

Lady Darkrina, Oct 31 2014 09:40 am     Reply

Weeell who woulda thought that she would be completely stupid? xD I had a hunch that she knew something was up ^^

And we finally get to see Echo~ yay ^^

Xenokore, Oct 31 2014 12:35 pm     Reply

Echo in this instance gets its name from, after Naya speaks, the echo of the voice surrounds what she looks like so Echo gets the identical form......
*Comes back to reality*
No idea what I'm ranting about

Nekomata-chan, Nov 06 2014 11:32 pm     Reply

@Luigi_96: Yay for Naya being smart. For now.

@Lady Darkrina: Naya has been so silly thus far that it's easy to forget she can be serious. xD Echo was also seen in Chapter 2- but he's drawn much more neatly now. =D

@Xenokore: It's okay, I rarely have any clue what I'm ranting about either. =D

Xenokore, Nov 07 2014 09:21 pm     Reply

@Nekomata-chan: buuuut am I accurate with my rant?

Nekomata-chan, Nov 13 2014 01:46 pm     Reply

@Xenokore: Dunno. ARE YOU?

Xenokore, Nov 14 2014 07:20 am     Reply

@Nekomata-chan: *Le Super Gasp* POSSIBLY!?

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