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Nekomata-chan, Oct 23 2014 10:59 pm     Reply

Well, here's the new page! Silly Naya should have seen this coming.

Anyway, going to keep throwing this at you guys: http://ask-prs.tumblr.com/

The Q&A now has a set update schedule (cause I'll forget about it otherwise)- so please feel free to drop in questions! I decided that after every 50 or so questions I answer I'll add a bonus update to the end of the current comic buffer: so if we get to 50 questions answered at this exact moment, the week of January 12th would get an extra update. Yeah- I've begun working on the chapter four buffer.

Also, don't forget that PRS has a second tumblr for everything that isn't Q&A related. I post random info about the comic and silly doodles there from time to time that I don't post on the ask tumblr. http://prs-comic.tumblr.com/

Speaking of Chapter Four, don't forget that for every 100 posts made in the new forums ( http://www.pokemoncrossroads.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?157-Rising-Shadows ) before November 14th, I'll remove one week off of the Nov-Dec hiatus. Currently, in three weeks 30 or so posts have been made. I don't think you guys will make it to 100 at this rate!

And the contest for the hiatus will still take place- even if the hiatus doesn't happen. I'll post details next month.


Also, just a reminder that tomorrow afternoon, I'll be livestreaming How to Train Your Dragon and How to Train Your Dragon 2 for everyone! The first movie will begin at about 3 PM Central time, and the second will begin at about 5 PM!

Here's a link to the livestream page: http://www.livestream.com/nekosspritingcorner?t=788722

I'll post a notice on DA before each movie for those that follow me there.

Advertisement, May 19 2019 02:28 am     Reply

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User Comments:

Xenokore, Oct 24 2014 10:14 am     Reply

What will the question be? Can the suspense get higher? Wasn't only 1 question suppose to be answered? I don't care

Luigi_96, Oct 24 2014 10:48 am     Reply

"Oh, you have a million questions? Pick one."

Also I finally provided a cookie! ^^

Killerat, Oct 24 2014 09:39 pm     Reply

Here's my question... can I ask more questions?

Shadow-Charmeleon, Oct 25 2014 12:34 am     Reply

Que Jeopardy music.

Wolfy (Guest), Oct 26 2014 07:37 am     Reply

Be careful around Echo. He appears in your dreams and has red eyes in the dream world. That never equals good guy.

PossumFlavored, Oct 26 2014 05:58 pm     Reply

This is where you make the longest, single question with tons of qualifiers based on possible answers. if this was a game and not an actually person you might just piss off into not saying anything.

Nekomata-chan, Oct 26 2014 09:49 pm     Reply


@Luigi_96: Yay for cookies. We've almost hit 50 for the bonus page. =D

@blazingdragon123: Cause Echo is a meanie.

@Killerat: Pffft. And waste her questions when Echo says 'no'? xD

@Shadow-Charmeleon: Do do do do do do dooooo....

@Wolfy: I think Naya realizes something is up. =P

@PossumFlavored: Hahaha. If only. xD But I don't think she wants to piss off Echo.

GoldFlareon, Oct 28 2014 05:12 am     Reply

WOW I CAUGHT UP AFTER SO LONG. I love it. c: I think your drawings are getting better, not that they weren't awesome to begin with. x) But I love the poses and all the little changes you make to the designs of some of the pokemon. Such as the Doberman-like "paint job" you did with Nyra's father.

I like the way this is going! I wonder what'll end up happening. c: I'll try to get some posts done in the forum. :D I think it's wonderful that there's a section for comics now! Makes me want to do my own. :D

Awesome job, Neko. c:

Nekomata-chan, Oct 28 2014 10:26 am     Reply

@GoldFlareon: Whoo! It's been a while, hasn't it! xD

And no worries, I know my art at the start of this comic was... far from awesome. xD I'm always happy to hear people think I've improved (even just a little!)

I sometimes have difficulty drawing Pokemon as they are in the games in my style, so I sometimes do mess with their designs a bit, though some Pokemon I figure deserve to have varied markings- like Houndoom! I mean really, do ALL houndoom have to look alike? xD

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and drop a comment! I'll be checking the forums shortly- I'm really glad HKim decided to make that section! While it may not be really active yet, it has the potential to be a great place for other comic nerds like myself to gather and throw random discussions at each other. =D

Thanks again!

GoldFlareon, Oct 28 2014 07:09 pm     Reply

@Nekomata-chan: Ahaha nah, it's great! You're definitely improving with each page. :] It's awesome. Probably what a comic does to you. xD

Yeah, that makes total sense! I agree with you about that 100%. :D

No worries. x) That sounds good. :D For sure! I really hope it gets a lot of attention.

3jaustin, Oct 29 2014 09:15 pm     Reply

So that's Echo, eh? Yeah, I say he's evil.

Grassy (Guest), Oct 29 2014 09:33 pm     Reply

"Everybody gets one."

Ah, wording. It's how the clever get out of things. I use it all the time (although in my case, being clever is...inconsistent on my part.)

"Go to bed!"
"I'm technically IN bed so..."

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