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Nekomata-chan, Aug 13 2014 11:38 pm     Reply


Yay for another dream. This time blue... cause why not~?

Present Day Edit:

Wow. Can't believe I posted this two months ago. I had nothing to put here then. NOW I DO.

Anyway, first off. Naya needs cookies. Find out to give her cookies here: http://ask-prs.tumblr.com/post/100101757547/do-you-really-want-to-deny-naya-cookies

The recent bump in working on the comic is a mixed result of moving into my new apartment and getting a new laptop. I just haven't gotten comfortable with my new Desktop's setup (new desk) or drawing with my laptop- but hopefully the Q&A will help get me adjusted enough to get working on chapter four again.

Secondly, the forum challenge has removed a whopping zero weeks off the hiatus so far. I'm not complaining. =P It's up to you guys how long the hiatus will be. All that changes is how fast I have to work. (As it is now, I only have the Ch. 4 cover page done- there's a sneak peak in the forum)

Link to forum: http://www.pokemoncrossroads.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?157-Rising-Shadows

Lastly, I'll be having a movie night NEXT weekend on the 25th. The movie that I will be livestreaming is How to Train Your Dragon 2- oh, and the first movie for those who haven't seen it yet. The time is currently up for vote- click here to go to the poll: http://nekoyugito.deviantart.com/journal/poll/4758894/


Anyway, I haven't said this recently, so I'll say it now: THANK YOU GUYS FOR ALL YOUR AWESOME SUPPORT AND SUCH. I've been slow with replying to stuff lately, but I AM reading all comments and such- it gives me the motivation to keep on working. ^_^

I really do appreciate it. I can never say it too many times. Without the support and feedback over the last year and a half-ish, this comic would have died forever ago. I know it's been slow going at times- but I promise: CHAPTER FOUR IS WHERE THE ACTION BEGINS.

Advertisement, May 25 2019 08:45 am     Reply

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Luigi_96, Oct 16 2014 12:14 am     Reply

@Nekomata-chan: I wish I could give Naya cookies but I can't think of questions! D:

In other news I adore Naya for some reason. She's just such a lovable character! ^u^

Nekomata-chan, Oct 16 2014 12:17 am     Reply

@Luigi_96: There are some prompts posted up on the tumblr you can use to help you come up with questions. xD

I think everyone loves Naya. She's just silly. We'll finally see a little more of her stubborn side soon!

Pokemontrainergigi, Oct 16 2014 12:42 am     Reply

HTTYD2!? I NEED TO WATCH THAT..but I'm most likely going to be busy that weekend D':

Really love how you do these dream sequence backgrounds! c:

Nekomata-chan, Oct 16 2014 12:43 am     Reply

@Pokemontrainergigi: I'll probably livestream it again in the near-ish future for those who miss it the first time. So no worries! I love the movie enough to watch it multiple times!

And thank you! I like experimenting with the shading of the water. xD And color. This time blue cause why not? xD

Killerat, Oct 16 2014 05:59 am     Reply

I bet her being dragged into this is for the better, but probably not.
Oh boy movie night!

Xenokore, Oct 16 2014 07:00 am     Reply

I'm gonna take a guess that Naya will somehow get lost while inside of the temple. Would be interesting in my opinion

Shadow-Charmeleon, Oct 16 2014 09:10 am     Reply

Cans I cuddle da sad flareon? :c

Nekomata-chan, Oct 16 2014 02:10 pm     Reply

@Killerat: It'll probably be a mix of both. xD Poor Naya.

@Xenokore: It'd be no fun without some sort of chaos when they get into the temple. =D

@Shadow-Charmeleon: Yes, you can. Naya is very cuddly.

T-H-E GUY, Oct 16 2014 05:30 pm     Reply

wisper SHADAP! no wait ECOH SHADAP! no one friken cares ... about you. what you say though is quite saucy and interesting but for now SHOOSH is makeing naya sad makeing pirate sad ;^;

Grassy (Guest), Oct 18 2014 12:10 am     Reply

Echo: Naya's common sense, given sentience.

Nekomata-chan, Oct 23 2014 10:46 pm     Reply

@T-H-E GUY: PFFFT. Just wait and see what happens. xD

@Grassy: I got a laugh out of this. xD Poor Naya.

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