Oct 03 2014 12:01 am

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Nekomata-chan, Aug 12 2014 07:01 pm     Reply

Yes, Naya... you are indeed a fire type. Thank you for sharing that!

Oh, and while Lucy isn't a fire type, she evolves into one- so she's an exception. Anyway, without her around we all know Bern with the twins would be a bad idea. Ace needs someone there to keep things under control.... right.

Also... special update tomorrow. Not a comic page... and it's important.

Advertisement, May 19 2019 01:52 am     Reply

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User Comments:

Lady Darkrina, Oct 03 2014 08:58 am     Reply

Heh heh I just love the way Naya points out that she's a fire type xD ha ha ^^

@Nekomata-chan: Hey Neko, are you sure you're alright dear? :c

Nekomata-chan, Oct 03 2014 10:25 am     Reply

@Lady Darkrina: @Lady Darkrina: Silly Naya is silly.

And no worries- all is well! I think I made that sound far more serious than it is. xD Note to self: No editing stuff at 1 AM. It's a good special update. =P You'll see.

Luigi_96, Oct 03 2014 01:11 pm     Reply

Yes. Yes you are.

Lady Darkrina, Oct 03 2014 02:22 pm     Reply

@Nekomata-chan: Ah, thank goodness you're alright ^^ and I just over worry too much for my dear friends ^^ I honestly can't help it xD

MischievousMew, Oct 03 2014 04:07 pm     Reply

sooo many funny faces this page XD

T-H-E GUY, Oct 03 2014 06:33 pm     Reply

...lol :3 yes naya yes you are

Killerat, Oct 03 2014 07:51 pm     Reply

Yes you are.. Yes you are...

Shadow-Charmeleon, Oct 04 2014 08:52 am     Reply

Most adorable way to volunteer EVAH

Nekomata-chan, Oct 09 2014 12:35 am     Reply

@blazingdragon123: All the facepalms. xD

@Luigi_96: We all knew Naya would make herself seem silly sooner or later.

@Lady Darkrina: No need to worry 'bout me. Sure, I'm stressed and sleep deprived half the time.... but in a GOOD way. (Is that possible?). xD I managed to squeeze some time to work on Chapter four this week! The cover is done and uploaded. =D

@MischievousMew: xD Funny faces are fun.


@Killerat: Silly Naya.

@Shadow-Charmeleon: Adorable indeed. I don't think she realizes that she's volunteering though.

Lady Darkrina, Oct 09 2014 08:03 am     Reply

@Nekomata-chan: Aww, still I'm glad to see you're doing well ^^ *huggles you gently*

Yeah I sometimes stay up way way late too I'm pretty tired right now infact xD

BowtheSylveon (Guest), Nov 27 2016 10:21 am     Reply

Last panel.

Me when I have no idea what's going on. I'm just like when some one is talking about fairy type moves and when they say "Fairy wind is a fairy type move", I say "I AM A FAIRY TYPE!" XD

a f f i l i a t e s

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