Aug 29 2014 12:01 am

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Nekomata-chan, Aug 11 2014 01:52 am     Reply

Hiatus is over!

The hiatus is officially over! Updates will resume their normal weekly schedule for the remainder of chapter three.

For those who haven't read the news post- chapter three IS completely done and ready. The buffer I have will last through mid-November. There will be a break before Chapter Four starts- I'll be working on that in the meantime.

Also, the five page mini-comic hasn't been forgotten. Snowy has been busy with school and hasn't finished up the last two pages yet- but no worry, they'll be posted up when they're done!

Thanks again for your patience, everyone!

EDIT: Forgot to mention we've got a new affiliate! Pokemon: Mysterious Dungeons! Go check it out- it's awesome!

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User Comments:

Luigi_96, Aug 29 2014 10:42 am     Reply

Ooh I remember watching the stream of this page! ^^

T-H-E GUY, Aug 29 2014 04:54 pm     Reply

*red wanders in*what are you doing?
just watching this girl go into a secret passage
red:not so secret now hmmmmm
nope :3

3jaustin, Aug 31 2014 11:53 am     Reply

This doesn't look good!

Morzone, Sep 03 2014 04:51 pm     Reply

the fire warms up the land and brings spring right? So if you made the fire get really big and hot, would the land catch on fire from all the heat? or would spring just come faster? hmm...

Nekomata-chan, Sep 05 2014 12:28 am     Reply

@Luigi_96: Yup! It was a fun one to draw. =D

@T-H-E GUY: STILL SECRET. For now. Mostly. Sorta.... Okay... maybe not that secret.

@3jaustin: Ohnoes. It doesn't?

@Morzone: Hmm... Good Question. I'll toss it into the Tumblr Q&A eventually.

Luigi_96, May 24 2015 12:50 am     Reply

Whoops broken image!

CallMeSmash, Dec 06 2015 12:59 pm     Reply

Oh no, the page is broken! I can't read it!!

Nekomata-chan, Dec 06 2015 02:09 pm     Reply

@CallMeSmash: Thanks for the heads up!

I'll be fixing it shortly!

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