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Author Comments:

Nekomata-chan, Jul 18 2014 11:59 pm     Reply

Whoops- forgot to post the author's comment!

Anyway, not too much going on in this page. Just secret switches and big glowy doors. The next page is a lot more interesting... at least art wise! xD I had fun with it!

Oh- and remember to check the Pokemon Rising Shadows Tumblr page- there will be quite a bit of stuff posted there over time relating to the story (spoiler free) that you may find interesting or just plain silly.


Advertisement, Nov 13 2019 04:55 am     Reply

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User Comments:

Luigi_96, Jul 18 2014 12:44 am     Reply


T-H-E GUY, Jul 18 2014 02:54 am     Reply

we need a medic fluffy hound doom is wounded ... oh its not a wall but a secret passage
*insert Zelda theam here*

3jaustin, Jul 18 2014 10:11 am     Reply

Ah, the chamber!

Lady Darkrina, Jul 18 2014 02:06 pm     Reply

Heh heh, lol

Nekomata-chan, Jul 18 2014 11:56 pm     Reply

@Luigi_96: Shiny good. =D

@T-H-E GUY: Nyra is indeed wounded. It's okay though- she's a tough one. It'll take a lot to bring her down. And yay for secret passages!

@3jaustin: Yup. Next page was fun to do. Uh-oh... running out of buffer.

@Lady Darkrina: xD


Sorry for no author comment this page- I guess I forgot. I'll post it up shortly.

SpeedBoostTorchic, Aug 07 2014 12:58 pm     Reply

Ohh~Shiny symbol...

Nekomata-chan, Aug 07 2014 01:22 pm     Reply

@SpeedBoostTorchic: Shiny is good! =D

hellfire14, Oct 18 2014 04:44 pm     Reply

Whoa. Facny door. :O
Sorry for not being here for a while. ;^_^
Videogames happened. Specifically a 3DS and a games hosting program known as steam. XD
Again. Sorry. Missed ya. ;D

Nekomata-chan, Oct 23 2014 10:45 pm     Reply

@hellfire14: It's okay! Video games do that to people! Nice to see ya around though!

Hellfire14 is lazy =3= (Guest), Oct 24 2014 07:50 am     Reply

@Nekomata-chan: Awh, thanks. :D
By the way (I just have a hunch that you'd like this sort of thing X3), have you downloaded the free halloween theme for the 3DS? I have. It's cat themed. I like cats, and you're sort of a...Demon...Cat, so...Have ya? XD

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