Jun 08 2014 12:01 am

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Author Comments:

Nekomata-chan, Jun 07 2014 10:08 pm     Reply

There we go- I don't owe anymore late updates! Hopefully I'll manage to get this week's update on time. Sorry again! ^_^' I got lazy and distracted and... yeah. xD

Advertisement, May 25 2019 08:26 am     Reply

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User Comments:

T-H-E GUY, Jun 08 2014 01:16 am     Reply

yes it is time for celibration and great tails of family and fun times HA HA!
*kicks away however... text*

Axies, Jun 08 2014 07:22 am     Reply

However, everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked.

Luigi_96, Jun 08 2014 07:47 am     Reply

Have I mentioned how much I like this style? Oh, yes. I have.
Allow me to reiterate.
I really like this style. xD

1800hellmo, Jun 08 2014 02:03 pm     Reply

Ohh cliff hanger, this is quit an interesting history lesson

kirby444, Jun 08 2014 06:22 pm     Reply

@Axies: That is from Avatar: The Last Airbender! I have watched that show and I really like it.

Lady Darkrina, Jun 09 2014 11:29 am     Reply

@Nekomata-chan: Hee hee, don't be silly, it's fine hun we all do! :3

I say just do whatever the heck you like! ^^

Nekomata-chan, Jun 12 2014 04:25 pm     Reply

@T-H-E GUY: Pffft, they celebrate and have fun times. But we're skipping that part and going straight to the violent parts!

@Axies: Somehow, I knew I'd get a comment like this eventually.

@Luigi_96: The lineless style is fun, but only good for flashbacks since it's hard to define characteristics and emotions with it. More detailed flashbacks (like the next page) will be lined.

@1800hellmo: Cliffhanger? Pffft... just wait. I'm known for being very very cruel with cliffhangers at the end of chapters then taking a nice long break. >D

@kirby444: Yup

@Lady Darkrina: I knowww.... but I still do feel bad when I fall behinds on updates and such. It's always a pleasure knowing that people enjoy my work. ^_^ And everyone here has been so patient with my sporadic updates that it just makes me want to be a bit better with being on time...

... If people were impatient on the other hand... Hehehe... YEAH... right.

Lady Darkrina, Jun 13 2014 03:36 pm     Reply

@Nekomata-chan: *virtual hugs you* There there, it's okay ^_^

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