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Nekomata-chan, Mar 25 2014 10:37 pm     Reply

Everyone- please read the below DA journal I posted up over the weekend. It's fairly important and I'd appreciate any feedback you all have. You don't need to reply on DA- you can respond to it here in the comments. ^_^'



Anyway- yeah... I don't think Naya realizes she's fire resistant. xD

And yes- Mist would let people fall to their deaths for something shiny. Now I wonder what this other incident was... >D

Advertisement, May 25 2019 08:33 am     Reply

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User Comments:

DeiDei, Mar 28 2014 12:16 am     Reply


Don't think Naya knows the rules of being a fire type. First swimming and now freaking out about fire. I think someone needs to give her a manual or something.

Nekomata-chan, Mar 28 2014 12:19 am     Reply

@DeiDei: We unfortunately seem to have lost the manual. Naya's on her own. xD

She's still unaware that she's a fire type....

Luigi_96, Mar 28 2014 12:21 am     Reply

I just love Talon's face in the last panel.
He's all, "What, you interrupted us for that giant stream of fire? That's all?" xD

Nekomata-chan, Mar 28 2014 12:25 am     Reply

@Luigi_96: Silly Talon. He doesn't worry too terribly much about poorly-aimed flamethrowers it seems.

AWA1997, Mar 28 2014 01:38 am     Reply

Hey! Look! A fire! I want to touch it!
Talon: Sure, go ahead, I don't care if we all got hit by it.

Luigi_96, Mar 28 2014 08:29 am     Reply

@Nekomata-chan: Not at all concerned about burning to death. xD

warriorcats1000, Mar 28 2014 04:01 pm     Reply

The fire is shiny maybe mist will touch the fire

warriorcats1000, Mar 28 2014 04:02 pm     Reply

And it appears the mud magically disappeared cool :3

Nekomata-chan, Mar 28 2014 05:18 pm     Reply

@AWA1997: -hands fire to you- HAVE FUN!

@warriorcats1000: I forgot something on the page- not the mud- just the 'a few minutes later' part. xD They cleaned up a bit. I'll go back and fix that later.

kirby444, Mar 28 2014 05:29 pm     Reply

@Nekomata-chan: The DA journal thing sounds great. I'm sorry that you hurt your right shoulder/neck area. I didn't read all the DA journal, though. Just the Pokémon: Rising Shadows and a little more. But updating on Friday sounds great.

AWA1997, Mar 28 2014 07:02 pm     Reply

@Nekomata-chan: Yay! *uses fire as a whip-like-thing and starts swinging it around completely carefree*

gothaman1, Mar 28 2014 09:34 pm     Reply

finally, some action... cant wait to see how this goes.

Nekomata-chan, Mar 28 2014 09:37 pm     Reply

@kirby444: I do recommend reading the rest of the post- as some of the later stuff may positively or negatively effect this comic's update schedule.

@gothaman1: Hahaha... sorry to say, but not much action quite yet. I think the action will be starting soon-ish though. xD It'll get there though- that's for sure!

kirby444, Mar 28 2014 10:00 pm     Reply

@Nekomata-chan: Okay, I will.

kirby444, Mar 28 2014 10:14 pm     Reply

@Nekomata-chan: Okay. I read all of it. And CVS Heat Therapy Patches Neck, Arm & Leg are just 7.79. And how much is gas where you are?

Nekomata-chan, Mar 28 2014 10:21 pm     Reply

@kirby444: 7.79 for THREE. It adds up after a while.

Gas is anywhere from 3.30-3.60 along the route I drive- it was 2.90 - 3.20 not too long ago. I spend about 20.00-25.00 worth in gas every Monday and most weekends- like the heat patches, it adds up after a while.

Put simply, if I can't afford to keep buying those heat wraps/patches and the pain continues to get worse- I WILL have to cut comics from my routine because they aren't helping. X_x I don't want to, but I must focus on my health...

T-H-E GUY, Mar 29 2014 04:29 am     Reply


kirby444, Mar 29 2014 06:56 pm     Reply

@Nekomata-chan: Okay. And yes, you must focus on your health.

Grassy (Guest), Mar 29 2014 07:10 pm     Reply

Hey, do the updates whatever way you want. I'm patient and I don't give as much input because I'm fine with whatever you pick XD

I'm guessing the other instance involved a volcano... XD

Nekomata-chan, Mar 29 2014 09:16 pm     Reply

@T-H-E GUY: Fire IS the greatest element~! xD

@kirby444: I must- but thankfully I think I can manage the weekly updates for now- I'm just concerned since I've noticed the pain getting a bit worse as of late. xD

@Grassy: Just curious as to how people will react to the patreon- I was honestly expecting to get a lot of angry comments for suggesting that. xD Thankfully not!

Well... not quite. Talon would never trust Amber THAT much knowing how much she fails at teleporting.

hellfire14, Mar 31 2014 05:37 am     Reply

Wow. XD
Naya either noticed the bad pokemon that was going to use that attack first, or that flamethrower was really slow. XD
Ehh, Amber's not that bad...At least she got em there. X3

Nekomata-chan, Mar 31 2014 10:14 am     Reply

@hellfire14: She noticed the Pokemon. xD

T-H-E GUY, Mar 31 2014 05:37 pm     Reply

im glad im not the only one who thinks so!
i think if i was a pokemon rescue team my team would be
and these are also my faveorate Pokemon in that order
also whare did that flamethrower come from!?

1800hellmo, Apr 06 2014 12:32 am     Reply

Neko this is really important (to me) i don't want to right it all out here and I don't have a DA account so can you email me at carsonbennett@charter.net so I can email you back and give my giant exposition to you thanks =)

1800hellmo, Apr 07 2014 11:26 am     Reply

I realized I could just PM you so you can ignore that last comment

Nekomata-chan, Apr 07 2014 12:35 pm     Reply

@T-H-E GUY: Fire types are awesome. You'll see plenty more in the coming pages!

@1800hellmo: xD Alrighty- sorry for the delayed replies. It's been a busy week- and lots to reply to. xD

1800hellmo, Apr 07 2014 11:52 pm     Reply

No you actually responded pretty fast so thanks for that :)

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