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Author Comments:

Nekomata-chan, Feb 11 2014 09:04 pm     Reply

So. Apparently, I didn't notice that I had been messing up Talon's markings for the better part of the last 20 pages. I kept making his left hand/paw red- when it's supposed to be his right. Strangely enough- I got it correct in the new banner I made a short while back. How I never noticed this before is beyond me- but it should be fixed on all pages/images/etc. now!


Also- cameos!

Advertisement, May 19 2019 01:53 am     Reply

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User Comments:

Luigi_96, Feb 12 2014 12:22 am     Reply

That cameo made me grin. :D

wugfish, Feb 12 2014 12:31 am     Reply

ooh, love that Abra. I tried drawing one earlier actually, didn't turn out too good XP

Koren, Feb 12 2014 03:34 am     Reply

Is that Gigi and Kiara in the third panel?

Hell0 people, Feb 12 2014 07:43 am     Reply

Is that sableye the villain?

Pokemontrainergigi, Feb 12 2014 09:27 am     Reply

Yay Gigi and Kiara :D Haha, thank you for cameo'ing them! ^-^

(for a split second I was wondering why the Vulpix and Eevee looked familiar OTL)

Grassy (Guest), Feb 12 2014 02:55 pm     Reply

Talon, one word. Psychic.

Nekomata-chan, Feb 12 2014 03:03 pm     Reply

@Luigi_96: Cameo? WHERE?!

@wugfish: Abras are hard to draw. =< Took me forever just to make a decent sketch. xD

@Koren: Maaaaybeeee....

@Hell0 people: Nope!

@Pokemontrainergigi: xD No problem! (I didn't draw them THAT badly, did I?)

@Grassy: Not really- I don't think all psychic Pokemon are capable of mind reading/future sight/etc. I'm guessing this Abra is level 5-10... so yeah- she probably doesn't have very strong psychic powers yet.

Hell0 people, Feb 12 2014 03:07 pm     Reply

@Nekomata-chan: So wait, the sableye is a good guy.

Pokemontrainergigi, Feb 12 2014 03:09 pm     Reply

@Nekomata-chan: You drew them perfectly! I just wasn't expecting them to appear XD

Nekomata-chan, Feb 12 2014 03:12 pm     Reply

@Hell0 people: Well, he's not "The villain' - I won't say much more than that. =P

@Pokemontrainergigi: Yeah- I kept meaning to add them before the end of chapter one, but I ran out space on the few panels I wasn't lazy with backgrounds on. xD Surprises are good though!

T-H-E GUY, Feb 12 2014 04:11 pm     Reply

two of my faveret Pokemon volpix and eevee
(flareon is my faveret) Pokemon

littlekirby61524, Feb 12 2014 04:38 pm     Reply

yay! familiar characters!

psychics mess with everyone's minds

Lady Darkrina, Feb 13 2014 09:59 am     Reply

Lol Talon do you even need to ask how the abra knows? xD he's psychic after all *shot*

Nekomata-chan, Feb 13 2014 10:01 am     Reply

@T-H-E GUY: Well- it certainly looks like I've put in some of your favorite Pokemon in this story. xD (Though Vulpix/Eevee are both cameos. -pokes Pokemontrainergigi-

@littlekirby61524: They do.

@Lady Darkrina: Not ALL psychic Pokemon can read minds. =P I'd figure an Abra isn't that powerful.

Lady Darkrina, Feb 13 2014 11:50 am     Reply

@Nekomata-chan: Well obviously abras wouldn't be that tough I nu, but they're still capable ^^

hellfire14, Feb 15 2014 08:03 am     Reply

Yay! Gigi and Kiara! :D
...Wonder who the Abra is...?

1800hellmo, Apr 05 2014 11:58 pm     Reply

This page really made me think about who my favorite character in this series. I did have most because she's just awesome, but I relate to talon a lot and I think he is my new favorite :D
Sorry naya XD

Nekomata-chan, Apr 07 2014 12:28 pm     Reply

@1800hellmo: Glad to see someone likes Talon. xD I haven't gotten many opportunities to build his character up lately- thankfully some of the newer pages will reveal a bit more about him. ^_^

Guest, Apr 09 2014 11:17 pm     Reply

I like '-' nes or lack of emoin. Talon yes '-' fav

Maka152 (Guest), Oct 02 2015 10:00 pm     Reply

I JUST saw Gigi and Kiara (Read this before the nuslock, so yeah now I know) CAMEOS GO!!!

TheGreatEmad, Jun 06 2016 12:13 am     Reply

This must be a sign...a sign that there are going to be a lot of cameos in this comic.

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