Feb 10 2014 12:00 am

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Author Comments:

Nekomata-chan, Feb 09 2014 06:05 pm     Reply

Aaaand we're back to Naya and them. xD Sorry I might not leave much in the authors comments on some pages- It's a very busy week WITHOUT the comic updates. xD

Advertisement, May 19 2019 02:11 am     Reply

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User Comments:

wugfish, Feb 10 2014 12:16 am     Reply

Talking to yourself: perfectly acceptable, unless someone else is around to hear it

Luigi_96, Feb 10 2014 10:01 am     Reply

@wugfish: I talk me myself when there ARE people around... because I'm the only one who understands me. xD

Lady Darkrina, Feb 10 2014 11:22 am     Reply

Lol her unamused face xD

T-H-E GUY, Feb 10 2014 04:59 pm     Reply

naya is back and shes...
mad at eco was it some thing he said
or she i have no idea what
kids associate with the manifestations in there head

littlekirby61524, Feb 10 2014 07:56 pm     Reply

Echo seems to be in a good mood.

Nekomata-chan, Feb 11 2014 12:22 am     Reply

@wugfish: Yup. Good thing Mist doesn't think too deeply into these things. xD

@Luigi_96: I understand that. xD

@Lady Darkrina: I had fun drawing this face just because of Naya's expressions. xD

@T-H-E GUY: She's back indeed! Echo is gonna drive her insane eventually- and Echo is definitely a Pokemon- not a manifestation in her head. xD

@littlekirby61524: xD Echo just enjoys driving Naya insane.

@Janobii: If you're like me, it's normal. If you want to be 'normal', then no, it isn't.

Lady Darkrina, Feb 11 2014 06:50 am     Reply

@Nekomata-chan @Janobii: I'm the same as you two really, I talk to myself quite a lot, that is.. when no one's about xD

and glad to see that you enjoyed making the expression Neko ^^

Lady Darkrina, Feb 11 2014 11:11 am     Reply

@Janobii: Ah I see heh heh ^^ well even though I have siblings I tend to still talk to myself ^^;

Lady Darkrina, Feb 11 2014 01:18 pm     Reply

@Janobii: Heh heh, aww that's still cute though ^^

Lady Darkrina, Feb 11 2014 01:29 pm     Reply

@Janobii: Well I have to say I pretty much lost my own sanity a long time ago, so I understand you Janobii~

By the way I'm liking your quilava avi it's lovely ^^

Lady Darkrina, Feb 12 2014 07:28 am     Reply

@Janobii: Mmm.. :c but hey I really hope when you eventually do become an author of your own comics, I wish you the best of luck on your stories and I hope you enjoy every moment of making your pages and whatnot because I'll definitely be looking forward to what you have in store ^_^

And yeah I noticed it was a fusion between Quilava and Shaymin because of the gracidea flower.

And thanks, it was made by a friend of mine Hellfire14 on one of them avatar creation thingy majigs xD this one was called Pony Creator. It's pretty cool because you can even make your pony with different stylised wings, you can make him/her any colour you want, any size you want, how thin or thick you want them to be, you can even determine their sizes and what facial expression you want to put on them and even give them different eye styles ^^ Oh! and there's even accessories you can put on them too.

Here's the full image of what my pony looks like http://www.smackjeeves.com/images/pb/5/5JpXvw3YvaQfcxgARgOGI8.png

Yeah we were pretty much discussing what each one of us would look like as ponies and what type we'd be. He ended up his favourite a Pegisai since it's what I thought he'd be and I ended up a unicorn as you can see xD

Now all we need to become a threesome is to add one more pony to join in our battle for freedom *shot for the rhyme*

Lady Darkrina, Feb 13 2014 08:10 am     Reply

@Janobii: Alrighty,welcome aboard the Glorious Plesant feel free to make your character whatever you please ^^ May this ship filled with enchanting outfits bring you an excellent idea xD


Lady Darkrina, Feb 13 2014 11:29 am     Reply

I like it, she's very pretty ^_^ I'll be sure to make a group draw of us together and let know HF you're in :3

Now.. all we need is a team name for us ^^

Ooh and yey have a DA too eh?~ Well if you ever want to add me on there here's my account ^^ http://darknessgirl27.deviantart.com/

hellfire14, Feb 15 2014 08:01 am     Reply

Echo, you jerk. XD

warriorcats1000, Feb 17 2014 06:13 pm     Reply

The 3rd pannel looks cool

1800hellmo, Apr 05 2014 11:45 pm     Reply

Talking to yourself isn't tahat uncommon... Right, I mean I do it all the time...
I still think its you echo

Nekomata-chan, Apr 07 2014 12:25 pm     Reply

@1800hellmo: xD At least Mist isn't looking too much into it.

And I think everyone thinks it's Echo.

comercole, Jan 03 2019 03:46 pm     Reply

ha this is just great.

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