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Author Comments:

Nekomata-chan, Jan 31 2014 12:14 am     Reply

Another update!

Raikou is annoyed. Is it obvious? xD

I don't know who's worse to draw. Raikou or Ho-oh. Okay, possibly ho-oh cause of the shiny shading and feathers... and the head crest thing. THAT IS ANNOYING TO DRAW. ANNOYING.

Anyway- enjoy the page with lazy backgrounds!

Advertisement, May 19 2019 01:54 am     Reply

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User Comments:

wugfish, Jan 31 2014 01:08 am     Reply

@Nekomata-chan: Ah, but it came out very dignified while also beautiful, which I've always felt are both integral to Ho-oh's design and very nature.

Lady Darkrina, Jan 31 2014 03:00 am     Reply

Mmm I can see why Ho-oh is quite fustrating to draw, still though never the less it's still a lovely drawing of the rainbow birdy.

And that sinister shadow art of Giratina.. man that's creepy xD

littlekirby61524, Jan 31 2014 06:54 am     Reply

@Lady Darkrina: especially since it's his origin forme

Luigi_96, Jan 31 2014 08:32 am     Reply

I would assume feathers would be harder to draw than any other fur/skin type.

Lady Darkrina, Jan 31 2014 10:27 am     Reply

@littlekirby61524: Mmm, you know I've always loved the origin form of Giratina ^^

Nekomata-chan, Jan 31 2014 10:33 am     Reply

@wugfish: Yay! I'm glad Ho-oh came out that way. I've always pictured Ho-oh as an elegant Pokemon despite some of the goofy poses you see. xD

@Lady Darkina: It wasn't nearly as frustrating as drawing dialga- or giratina properly. Drawing Giratina like that was an excuse to not really draw giratina. -shot-

@littlykirby61524: Origin form is epic!

@Luigi_96: Feathers aren't THAT bad... it's the wing itself that's hard. xD

@Lady Darkrina: Origin form Gira is epic. I love Giratina, so it should be expected to see him in the comic eventually. Any Pokemon I love is likely to appear in the comic.

MoogleSam, Jan 31 2014 08:10 pm     Reply

If Giratina has turned against you in the past...it likely wouldn't hurt to investigate that possibility first. And maybe somehow seal Giratina away for a while to see if it makes the deaths mystically stop.

T-H-E GUY, Feb 01 2014 01:39 am     Reply

come on guys Giratina attacking you guys
that's inconceivable
.also i like how all the writers worry about how their work looks aaaaaand it comes out flawless

hellfire14, Feb 02 2014 06:48 am     Reply

I really like Ho-Oh's design in this. :D
It COULD be Giratina... :/

demondragon12, Feb 05 2014 05:35 pm     Reply

It could be Ho-oh. Just saying.

littlekirby61524, Feb 05 2014 05:44 pm     Reply

Now looking at panel 3 I notice that IS Giratina in his Origin Forme. (yes it's spelled that way, for Giratina that is).

Grassy (Guest), Feb 06 2014 07:03 pm     Reply

Ho-Oh looks so pretty here! Those wings! And I dunno Raikou, I wouldn't be worried. Ho-Oh can resurrect people... or the legendaries reincarnate eventually.

Giratina...I hope it isn't him, only because it's fairly obvious. Would be interesting if he's being scammed into it, though.

Nekomata-chan, Feb 06 2014 07:10 pm     Reply

@MoogleSam: I'm sure they're investigating- but Raikou doesn't need convincing that it's him. The other legendary Pokemon, however, don't want to accuse him then be wrong about it.

@T-H-E GUY: Yeah. GIRATINA IS TOO EPIC TO BE EVIL... despite having been evil in the past. =< -hugs Gira- I STILL LOVE YOU.

And it's a writer/artist thing. =< We're always hyperparanoid that our work is horrible.

@hellfire14: That seems to be the consensus- I'm glad people like I draw her- my style of drawing doesn't always agree with Pokemon (Raikou, I'm looking at you!)

@demondragon12: It could be. =P Who knows?

@littlekirby61524: Yup!

@Grassy: Glad you like Ho-oh! ^_^ And Ho-oh CAN resurrect Pokemon, but I'd assume it'd take an immense amount of energy and such- so it's probably not something she can do often.

As for other legendaries- the minor legendaries reincarnate over time- for example a new Entei is born when a new volcano is created... but major legendary Pokemon cannot.

And yeah- Giratina would be the obvious choice. Even the evidence so far suggests he's behind this... you'll hear more about that in the next page. =P

HKim, Feb 07 2014 12:04 am     Reply

Ho-Oh may be annoying to draw, but you make those feathers look beautiful!

Nekomata-chan, Feb 07 2014 02:50 am     Reply

@HKim: Ho-oh is indeed annoying to draw. ^_^ And thank you very much! One of these days I'll end up having to draw ho-oh flying or something. I haven't planned it yet- but I just know it'll happen. When it does- I am going to have LOTS of fun (and pain) trying to draw those wings. xD

1800hellmo, Apr 05 2014 04:19 pm     Reply

I hope it's not giratina I love giratina. Though it would be awesome if darkrai showed up just cause I love darkrai=D

Nekomata-chan, Apr 07 2014 12:18 pm     Reply

@1800hellmo: I love Giratina as well. You won't get a Pokemon story from me without Giratina being in there in some form. =P

I do dread the day I have to draw him though.

TheJGamer, May 24 2017 11:33 pm     Reply

So the Legendaries aren't immortal?

Chimerat (Guest), Mar 11 2018 10:47 am     Reply

As someone who had loads of problems with wings/feathers when trying to draw I have to applaud your Ho-oh. Pretty bird! :D

SoIitude, Nov 23 2018 03:08 pm     Reply

...I think it's a bit too early to reveal the main villain when they're being portrayed mysteriously. I sense a twist coming. I'm gonna put a bet on Lugia, Yveltal, innocent looking legendaries, and Echo. I really like both Lugia and Yveltal, but even though I don't really have to explain Yveltal, listen to Lugia's theme compared to Ho-Oh's theme... It's so... Angry.

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