Jan 22 2014 09:41 pm

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Nekomata-chan, Jan 22 2014 09:45 pm     Reply


Again, I apologize for the delay on this page.

For those who didn't read the news, I got really ill with some "Flu-like" virus. The virus left me incapable of doing any normal activities for all of last week.

I'm still playing catch up with everything I missed, but I'll see if I can get a second page up this week. I think things are just getting interesting- so I'd hate to leave you all hanging!

Also, here's some character sketches for characters you won't see for quite some time. I was having a bit of a rough time drawing last night so I sketched these up as a warm up for the page.


Lastly, thank you all for your patience. I know one page a week seems like a really slow pace at times- especially when more plot related things are beginning to come into play! I try to get as much in each page as I can to keep things moving though! Anyway- thanks again! You guys are awesome.

Edit: I have the next page sketched! It'll be a bit tough to line and color though- but I'm definitely looking forward to it! Looks like we might just get our normally scheduled update after all!

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User Comments:

littlekirby61524, Jan 22 2014 10:49 pm     Reply

I'm a patient person so I don't mind

Luigi_96, Jan 22 2014 11:32 pm     Reply

Heh, Naya's hair/mane looks messed up. xD

Lady Darkrina, Jan 23 2014 06:34 am     Reply

Aww well it's good to see that you're feeling well, that's all that matters to me *gives a virutal hug*. I can wait for as long as possible for the updates because the good welfare of another being is far more important xD

And those sketches look really great ^^ loving the Choroneko/Purrloin and the Meowstic female along with the ralts and haunter too great stuff here Neko~

And ooh you have DA too I see? That's quite lovely, would it be alright if I could watch you? ^^

andreya225, Jan 23 2014 08:58 am     Reply

im going for that pokemon at the end is raiku i think thats how you spell it.

Nekomata-chan, Jan 23 2014 09:24 am     Reply

@littlekirby61524: Thank you! xD

@Luigi_96: Yup. xD My hair probably looks worse than that in the morning...

@Lady Darkrina: Thank you. <3 It was a rough week, and while I'm still sick, it's gotten much better.... I still feel bad for missing the update though. xD

The sketches were fun. I do believe all of those characters will make an appearance at one point or another. Haunter must have been the most fun to draw. I love mischievous characters. xD

And you're more than welcome to watch me on DA. ^_^

@andreya225: Yup- that's Raikou. I think it's pretty obvious- and if it isn't, well- the next page will clear that up. ^_^

Lady Darkrina, Jan 23 2014 02:09 pm     Reply

@Nekomata-chan: Aww thanks <3 my DA username's Darknessgirl27 if you want to add me back.

T-H-E GUY, Jan 23 2014 06:06 pm     Reply

get well soon
please don't die if you do i will be vary sad

warriorcats1000, Jan 24 2014 10:09 pm     Reply

Get better soon

hellfire14, Feb 02 2014 06:45 am     Reply

Aww. Hope you get better! :/
Lazy Naya. >:P

Nekomata-chan, Feb 06 2014 07:18 pm     Reply

Sorry for late responses- I've been a bit busy this week.

@Lady Darkrina: I did! ^_^

@T-H-E GUY: I have no intentions of dying. xD Not yet anyway.

@warriorcats1000: Thanks!

@hellfire14: Yup! xD Naya is a bit like me in the morning. GOOD NIGHT.

Lady Darkrina, Feb 08 2014 03:40 am     Reply

@Nekomata-chan: And I saw :3 thanks dear~

1800hellmo, Apr 05 2014 03:41 pm     Reply

What could raikou be doing here. It probably has something to do with the einte (probably misspelled that) or maybe the attack on the temple or both
Get better soon(though your probably better by the time I post this

Nekomata-chan, Apr 07 2014 12:16 pm     Reply

@1800hellmo: Definitely to do with Entei's death. xD

SoIitude, Nov 23 2018 02:44 pm     Reply

Eyyyy Raikou is here :D

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