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Nekomata-chan, Jan 04 2014 11:15 pm     Reply

Sorry again for the late post this week. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year! I sure did- despite all the chaos and wisdom teeth removal. xD

Anyway- here's a new page. Naya's certainly having a strange thing.

To celebrate the new year, I'm going to point out a few thing you may (or may not) have noticed in the pages I posted last year. Feel free to make your own guesses based on these facts. They were all intentionally put in. Some may be important, others may not.

- Kabutops cannot learn Rock Blast.
- According to dex entries from the games, Entei's roars cause volcano eruptions.
- There's a second island not far from Mystella
- Jasper runs a jewelry shop.
- Absols often come BEFORE disaster strikes.
- The scythes in the Ch. 2 cover should look familiar.
- There's an Umbreon in the first page of Ch. 2 (Look closely)
- There are multiple hyper beams, suggesting multiple users...

I think that's all I remember that I meant to poke at. Anyway- Echo doesn't seem to be so cooperative. And no- Echo is not a Flareon or some alter ego. Echo is his/her own Pokemon and is just choosing to remain hidding.

Advertisement, May 19 2019 02:29 am     Reply

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User Comments:

Luigi_96, Jan 05 2014 12:29 am     Reply

@Nekomata-chan: All this new information (that I never would have noticed otherwise)!

Creepy Naya reflection. O~O

Lady Darkrina, Jan 05 2014 08:24 am     Reply

Ooh sounds like quite the holiday you had ehehe... poor you for your broken teeth.

I wonder what the heck this person's up to? is it trying to get her into trouble? o.o

sconic123, Jan 05 2014 10:55 am     Reply

Nekomata-chan, Jan 05 2014 03:29 pm     Reply

@Luigi_96: I figured I'd point some of it out. =P You might be put together some information from it all. xD

Having Naya's reflection actually represent Echo was a last minute decision- I figured it wouldn't hurt to give Echo a way to make faces. xD That and it gives more things to speculate on.

@Lady Darkrina: I'm alright, just a bit worn out from all the chaos. xD

Echo? Trying to get Naya in trouble? Now that's just- wait... no that makes perfect sense. Carry on.

@sconic123: Bwahahaha. EVIL!

hellfire14, Jan 06 2014 09:50 am     Reply

I'm not sure I trust this Echo guy. I mean, he may claim to know her, but...In what way, if at all? He could be lying...Or an old enemy... :/

Nekomata-chan, Jan 06 2014 08:42 pm     Reply

@hellfire14: Now that's just something you'll all have to wait to find out. =P

1800hellmo, Apr 05 2014 03:11 pm     Reply

Interesting the blades are the kabutopses from the first pages and I think I see talons, Maya's and maybe mists reflection in the blades but I don't yet know what the rest means hmmmm...

1800hellmo, Apr 05 2014 03:12 pm     Reply

Oh and you can't forget jasper, him running a jewelry shop! Jasper so suspicious.

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