Dec 12 2013 03:40 pm

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Nekomata-chan, Dec 12 2013 03:40 pm     Reply


I somehow managed to get this done on time. xD

Comments later. Busy busy. Finals. Calculus. DEATH.

Advertisement, May 25 2019 08:31 am     Reply

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Luigi_96, Dec 12 2013 04:14 pm     Reply


Lady Darkrina, Dec 13 2013 05:54 am     Reply

o.o Wonder what's happening there?

hellfire14, Dec 14 2013 11:09 am     Reply

Calculus...Ouch. DX
Let's see...Fire...Burning buildings...Some kinda fire-laser...An eye, displaying calm, pensive emotion...The necklace...And Naya. Hmm...Pieces of her past? Fire...Isn't that Naya's element? Could this be her fault? Or was it an accident? Or a tragedy? Either way, there's lots of conflict... :/

HKim, Dec 16 2013 10:14 pm     Reply

Good luck on your Finals!

spudwalt (Guest), Dec 18 2013 08:54 pm     Reply

Hmmm... Whatever this flashback means, it evidently has something to do with fire lasers. That or maybe a meteor strike.

Nekomata-chan, Dec 19 2013 11:28 pm     Reply

@Luigi_96: MYSTERIOUS!!! -shot-

@Lady Darkrina: Flashback or some sort of dream. Both are correct I guess. xD

@hellfire14: Actually- that's a Hyper Beam. But I fail at drawing that. xD Lots of destruction at least~!

@HKim: Thanks- just waiting on ONE more grade. =< Sadly, it's the one I'm dreading most. I'd rather get it over with.

@Spudwalt (Guest): Fire lasers = Hyper Beams. There must be some flammable/dry grasses on the ground there that I didn't want to draw. >.>

Guest, Jan 08 2014 11:02 am     Reply

Try to find the umbreon!

1800hellmo, Apr 04 2014 11:25 pm     Reply


Nekomata-chan, Jun 15 2014 12:50 am     Reply

@Pharmg756: Please stop spamming the comment section.

suuune, Aug 12 2016 08:25 am     Reply

Umbreon's have red eyes! The necklace could be a claw of some sort.....Pokemon who can know hyper beam are:
Porygon 2

And the Ninetails (Was it a Ninetails? I'm not sure) Who said it couldn't be her without her necklace, what if they fired the hyper beam? By TM, they could learn it, too.
Plus, that Umbreon....Maybe it is her brother or something?
I feel like there is an Espeon involved, it and Umbreon can learn hyper beam as well....SUDDEN IDEA! What if it was a Pokemon like Yveltal......

Ok, Thats all for my guessing. I will leave now.

suuune, Aug 12 2016 08:26 am     Reply

Sorry, one last idea!
What if it was her home that the hyper beam destroyed?

comercole, Jan 03 2019 12:09 pm     Reply

hmmm what is this?

a f f i l i a t e s

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