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Want to exchange links? Just send me a PM with a link to your comic and the banner you want to put up! (Note: Affiliates will be removed from the list if the comic is inactive for 6 or more months without a hiatus warning. You will be re-added as soon as updates resume- I follow all of the comics I affiliate with.)

I generally accept all affiliate requests under a few simple conditions. All affiliates must be PG-13. My definition of PG-13 tolerates mild violence and language- but not sexual themes. If in doubt- just ask! The other condition must be that I like your comic or may believe that my watchers may like it- so all Pokemon comics allowed and just about anything fantasy- again, when it doubt- just ask! I'm friendly!

At least the ones without small buttons for the sidebar!

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New affiliates are always welcome! PM me for more info! Inactive affiliates and broken images will be removed.