Oct 25 2019 12:01 am

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This is her 3rd cup today.

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Author Comments:

Nekomata-chan, Oct 25 2019 12:01 am     Reply

Sorry for the huge delays. Grad school has been kicking my butt. Updates will be irregular since the pages in this chapter are not easy ones to make but I'll try to get them done when I can.

Advertisement, Nov 15 2019 01:03 pm     Reply

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User Comments:

AssaultBird2454, Oct 21 2019 05:33 pm     Reply

Aah yes... We all love to drink that can of Creaming Soda! Such an amazing drink :)
(Well, some of us anyway... I know I do)

Personally a can of Creaming Soda is so much better than coffee! It just has that nice flavour of Soda mixed with the smooth bubbly feeling as it rolls off the tongue and into the back of the throat... Yum

Best carbonated beverage

Nashew, Oct 23 2019 09:54 pm     Reply

The tiredness is a mood.

Weaselcheez, Oct 25 2019 12:55 am     Reply

Not again, he says, this must be frequent

comercole, Oct 25 2019 12:56 am     Reply

first time seeing cops in a comic
yo its good to see you back

DarkFireEevee, Oct 25 2019 02:22 am     Reply

Nice to see this again

9rainbowtails, Oct 25 2019 06:43 am     Reply

Obviously Kuma is the ursarang

PsychicNature, Oct 25 2019 07:05 am     Reply

A Gogoat! With curled horns! I’m pretty sure that was my cameo suggestion!
This makes me twice as happy to see an update on this amazing comic!

NeonUmbreon, Oct 25 2019 07:45 am     Reply

are gods really gods if they can die?

Flareon1225, Oct 25 2019 11:09 am     Reply

Homicidal psychopaths

Umbreon5456, Oct 25 2019 11:14 am     Reply

No biggy
@Nekomata-chan: If you have to take a break from the comic then do so, we'd understand lol

Umbreon5456, Oct 25 2019 11:15 am     Reply

WriterRaven, Oct 25 2019 01:32 pm     Reply

Time to go break up the fight

Gamegod018, Oct 25 2019 02:44 pm     Reply

Heyyyy it's back!

The Fried Pickle, Oct 25 2019 03:36 pm     Reply

@Nekomata-chan: THANK YOU I THOUGHT THIS COMIC WAS DEAD AND - oh wait my caps lock was stuck...

AndreTheLugia, Oct 25 2019 07:17 pm     Reply

Aw damn, here we go again.

Lunar Eclipse the Umbreon, Oct 26 2019 09:32 am     Reply

Yay It is back!

Yellowbananabreadw, Oct 27 2019 12:55 pm     Reply

@DarkFireEevee: I know right? It’s finally BACK!!

DarkFireEevee, Oct 27 2019 07:48 pm     Reply

@Yellowbananabreadw: yup >_<

Julian or Yoshidakid, Oct 27 2019 08:27 pm     Reply

*Le sigh*

Pok91169, Nov 11 2019 08:50 pm     Reply

@Julian or Yoshidakid: le cri*

TK2000money, Nov 14 2019 06:49 pm     Reply

I really love these comics! They're just so awesome!

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