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KaidaCreator, Sep 08 2018 11:19 pm     Reply

I completely understand needing to take a break. Take all of the time you need! I'm sorry you've had to deal with so many annoying people like that on these websites... While I haven't commented yet on your comic, I have been enjoying it a lot so far. If you do decide to continue with it in the future when you are off your hiatus, I'll be sure to give more feedback! I hope things get better for you~

Bluemj61, Sep 08 2018 11:48 pm     Reply

Take as much time as you need
Everyone needs a break from time to time hopefully you get some well deserved rest and I hope those terrible people can stop causing you stress and anxiety you are awesome at what you do.

orgostevani, Sep 09 2018 12:00 am     Reply

Take that step back.
I can't wait for you to return, and always remember that we who do like your comic will be awaiting your return. Until then, relax, and do something fun!

Puggger (Guest), Sep 09 2018 12:09 am     Reply

Hey it’s perfectly okay to take a nice break if things are getting you down so just relax a bit maybe if you are feeling up to it you need support ask for pugger I’m great at helping people deal with things

42Meep, Sep 09 2018 12:39 am     Reply

Who's hating on PRS? Who has betrayed us?

Wondermuffin06, Sep 09 2018 07:16 am     Reply

I hope you get over this soon! It’s honestly a shame that people are hating your comic. Personally I don’t see anything in particular wrong with it, so I can’t really understand where they are coming from.

Mystic Hunter, Sep 09 2018 07:53 am     Reply

Who ever says that you need to hurry up or that kind of stuff or people harassing you just know that they think that your some computer and not a human being behind that profile picture. I don't see any difference with the comic so anyone who thinks it's bad are probably speed posters because they just want to see the next page without thinking about what you think. Take a break and live your normal life for awhile.
Best Wishes Mystic Hunter

Alex (Guest), Sep 09 2018 09:55 am     Reply

People are people, people can't run forever, but some like to believe they can, and they attempt to, and they don't admit that they can't. You don't seem to be like that though. Most web comic writers feel that if they tell their fans whats happening in their lives and how they're feeling about it, it will make their fans think lowly of them, which is wrong. You aren't like that though.

It's very good that you're taking this break, and it's good you have recognized that you are burnt out. Taking this hiatus was a great decision on your part. The people who truly care about this comic completely support you and we wish you the best of luck in the future.

Nashew, Sep 09 2018 10:49 am     Reply

Take your time. Your mental health will always be more important than PRS, and we'll all still be here when you get back~

Foxyjosh (Guest), Sep 09 2018 01:59 pm     Reply

I love this comic! I hope you come back soon.

FlareonXLeafeon, Sep 09 2018 03:43 pm     Reply

Okay I understand

ChaosSeer, Sep 09 2018 04:12 pm     Reply


AndreTheLugia, Sep 09 2018 06:53 pm     Reply

Giving up may be an option, but it's not an opportunity.
It's alright! I'm pretty sure you can take a rest after those peoples who were jealous of your art that wants to gives you negatives through.. well negative comments. But anyways it's good to see you standing on ground not giving up by stay fallen down!

Enderstar, Sep 09 2018 10:03 pm     Reply

Whenever someone chooses a comic that they love to go to haitus, it really is such a shame because the comic they cared for, probably more then all of us, has to be delayed. It goes to show that a lot of talented artists like Neko struggle with depression because of hate. Believe us, take as much time as you need, and just remember that harmful things are never the answer. Just keep staying Strong, no matter what happens.

TheMegaDarkrai126, Sep 09 2018 10:31 pm     Reply

I completely understand I'm just a bit sad seeing some of my favorite things online to on a hiatus lately....

SentryBeat, Sep 10 2018 02:52 pm     Reply

i think it's just that the nice people aren't commenting but they still support you

Samarican, Sep 11 2018 08:44 am     Reply

Take as much time as you need

Sparrow726 (Guest), Sep 11 2018 02:12 pm     Reply

Take as much time as you need to to feel better! A lot of people are negative these days, and they don't seem to understand that you are spending hours on each page, just trying to make it the best it can be. Plus, everyone here is reading this beautiful comic for free. People have no right to demand things, because we are all people. People can only do so much, and with so much pressure on them, it makes it even harder. Sorry I went on kinda a rant there. People just need to think about others then themselves. Anyway, I will definitely miss it while its gone, but you are more important then if it updates or not. (Plus, I personally love how the story is going. Every page has been beautiful, and even if the next page doesn't meet your expectations, just know that your art is still absolutely stunning)

Legosamurai732 (Guest), Sep 13 2018 03:51 pm     Reply

People can be a**holes. Its a part of life to ignore them. And if that means taking a hiatus, go right ahead. I support you.

sonic (Guest), Sep 13 2018 11:22 pm     Reply


FinTheVaporeon (Guest), Sep 16 2018 05:36 pm     Reply

@42Meep: Haterz gonna hate :/

FinTheVaporeon (Guest), Sep 16 2018 05:37 pm     Reply


buscuit, Sep 16 2018 07:29 pm     Reply

You be such a trooper. Admirable determination and major discipline. You are doing great Neko, and what descisions you make, I will back them up.

Derpygungun123, Sep 19 2018 01:59 pm     Reply

don't worry about it this is some of the best digital art ive seen so far. you get idiots who will pester you all the time for no valid reason this story is amazing

Guest, Sep 19 2018 11:33 pm     Reply

What? You can't go on hiatus, how am I gonna find out if Echo is Garitina then???

In all seriousness though, I know how hard it can be to push yourself when there's nothing left. Take all the time you need, and more importantly make sure you enjoy yourself.

I LOVE ESMV, Sep 22 2018 08:51 am     Reply

i will agree
look you've done 9 chapters i'm not aeguing

chenghoe (Guest), Sep 23 2018 06:54 am     Reply

i understand,take the time and check back the artwork whether it is shitty or not i will def like it

Wolfier (Guest), Sep 24 2018 12:33 am     Reply

@guest oh look I forget to put my name up

Crimson_At_Death, Sep 30 2018 10:10 pm     Reply

enjoy your break!

Nekomata-chan, Oct 01 2018 12:03 am     Reply

@KaidaCreator: Thanks so much! Means a lot!

@Bluemj61: Thank you! It's been really stressful lately. I'm trying to get back into the swing of things though!

@orgostevani: Thank you! I've been playing a lot of MH while trying to get my motivation back!

@Puggger: Thank you! I'm fine- just need a break.

@42Meep: Unfortunately I do not know their address/es so you can't go find them. =P

@Wondermuffin06: People just like to point out all the flaws for some reason. It's not like I don't know they're there. It's just discouraging sometimes. X_x

@Mystic Hunter: I wholeheartedly approve of your avatar. Just seeing that made me smile. Then I went to go hunt some monsters. The RNG has been kind to me lately. xD

@Alex: I try to be open with everyone if I know I'll be late or am taking a break. X_x Otherwise I get a lot of "WHEN IS THE NEXT PAGE?!1!?!111?!?" type comments.

@Nashew: Thank you!

@Foxyjosh: I'll be back soonish.

@AndreTheLugia: No worries, I'm not cancelling PRS any time soon. xD Just taking a much needed break.

@Enderstar: I feel like a lot of artists like to see their work enjoyed. So when there's an increase in negativity it can be quite detrimental to motivation. X_x Which is always a struggle to keep... Working on it though!

@TheMegaDarkrai126: It's okay- we'll be back soon-ish!

@SentryBeat: There's definitely a lot more GOOD people than bad. It's just hard to ignore all the negativity sometimes. ^_^'

@Samarican: Thank you!

@Sparrow726: Thanks so much! It means a lot to hear that you enjoy everything so far. <3 I've got big plans for hte story... I just have to get far enough to reveal them!

@Legosamurai732: Ye! Thank you!

@Sonic: I'm just taking a break- not quitting. xD Relaaax.

@buscuit: Ye! Thank you!

@Derpygungun123: Thank you! It means a lot!

@Guest: Pfft. I definitely needed some recharge time. I don't get much downtime outside of school and work stuff so it was wearing me out. xD

@I LOVE ESMV: And there will be more chapters!

@Chenghoe: Thank you!

@Crimson_At_Death: Thank you! I hope to be back soon-ish

orgostevani, Oct 12 2018 12:30 pm     Reply

Just returning to check up on how your doing.

Jaden (Guest), Oct 17 2018 12:09 pm     Reply

This may not be something you or anyone agrees with, but I personally have found that stopping something I'm working on just because of anxiety doesn't help. Or rather, it helps for a time, but it's diminishing returns. And after a point, the idea of getting back to it is more scary and anxiety-inducing than whatever I wanted to take a break because of in the first place, so instead of quitting and coming back to it, I try to set goals and just do bit by bit until I get what I want. I don't know if this applies to you and your situation, I just thought I'd share my experience, maybe it'll help you somehow. You're absolutely not alone in this and I wish you the best.

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